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Facebook Advertising for Lawyers: How to Reach Your Target Audience

Facebook Advertising for Lawyers Placing ads on Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the most effective advertising options on the Internet today. With the vast amount of incredibly detailed information Facebook can provide about its millions of users, the social media giant offers targeting options that no other advertising platform can match. If your […]

How Your Website Can Turn Into Lead Generation For Your Law Firm

Is your website driving leads for your law practice — real leads that turn into clients? Generating leads is the number one challenge for most lawyers and law firms. Leads are getting harder and harder to come by using traditional marketing techniques like print ads or speaking engagements. With fewer quality leads coming in, and […]

Ten Tips for Building a Thriving Online Social Community

Creating an online community that thrives is an extremely rewarding endeavor for any law firm looking to capture their target clients and demonstrate thought leadership in a particular practice area. A successful online community can help law firms and lawyers innovate and develop new relationships with influencers, customers and prospects. Creating a community is the easy […]

How to Create a Blog Editorial Calendar for Your Law Firm

A law firm blog editorial calendar might seem like overkill for something as simple as writing a post once or twice a week. However, creating an editorial calendar can save time and keep your content efforts organized, consistent, and on point. Planning your content ahead of time allows you to step back and look at […]

Law Firm Press Release Tips: Eight Ways to Up Your Game

Every day, newsrooms around the country are inundated with press releases – and legal media organizations are no exception. During my many years as an editor and reporter covering the law, I spent a good deal of time sifting through the dozens of press releases that clogged my inbox on a daily basis. The verdict […]

Search vs. Social: Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

As most marketers know, search and social are the primary ways to drive traffic to your law firm’s website. But deciding whether search engine marketing (SEM) or social media marketing (SMM) is going to work better for marketing your law practice can be a difficult proposition. Should your marketing budget be split evenly? Should you […]

5+ Digital Marketing Books that Legal Marketers Should Read

Editor’s Note: I asked Guy Alvarez for this year’s recommended reads for a new blog post, but since the titles below remain marketing classics, we’ve decided to update this post with Guy’s new recommended titles. Enjoy!  As we near the end of the year and start thinking about the holidays and winter vacations, I thought […]

Law Firm Editorial Calendar: A Key to More Effective Content Marketing

If you want to establish a successful law firm content marketing strategy, you should begin by setting up an editorial calendar. This advice is not restricted to law firms, it’s a general axiom for all business blogging. It’s broadly applicable to publications of all sorts — whether you’re publishing website content or an e-zine, an […]

How Lawyers Can Use Social Media to Promote Their Practice in Real Time

Real-time marketing in social media is a strategy that can and should also be employed by savvy lawyers and law firm marketing directors. There are many social media monitoring tools available that will enable lawyers and law firm marketing professionals to monitor conversations and posts on social media and provide them with an opportunity to […]