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Taking Your Law Firm Live – Facebook Live

by Kierstin Vermeulen • November 15th, 2016 • Social Media | Blog

Facebook, has built a new live-streaming platform that allows its users to create their own unique video anytime and anywhere. We’ve mentioned how video is becoming more and more important for increasing SEO and building brand trust. Now, let’s explore how law firms use Facebook Live to engage with their audience and what other benefits it may hold for legal marketers.

Using live video can enhance a law firm’s social media presence, allowing it to quickly and affordably interact via video whenever and wherever it wants. A firm can broadcast from seminars, conferences or conventions that an audience normally wouldn’t attend and introduce new information to current and potential clients. Facebook Live can give firms and audiences the opportunity for a better understanding of each other and provide a new channel for communication and business relations. 

Let’s start with the basics: Facebook Live allows people, public figures, and Facebook page owners to share live video with their followers and friends. Your firm can produce a live video simply by going to your news feed and selecting the “Live” icon.  Before your stream starts, you’ll be invited to type-in details about what you’re about to present; write a catchy description of your broadcast in order to grab your audiences’ attention; and help audience members understand the context for your broadcast. As soon as that’s done, you’re ready to go!

Firms can maximize the Facebook Live experience by engaging in conversations with followers. Your law firm can stream live video for up to 90 minutes. Going live can connect you with your clients to answer their questions and hear what they have to say. You can receive real time feedback, so there’s no wait to see your audiences’ reaction.

You might be wondering how your clients will even know you’re live. Promoting a Facebook Live program via other social media profiles is key. Be sure to provide the time you’ll be going live and provide a link to your Facebook page/profile. You want to make sure to bring all of your audiences to the broadcast. The live broadcast will appear at the top of your law firm’s page or profile, and on the top of your followers’ newsfeed. 

Tip: Tell your audience that you plan to go live and ask them for them for ideas and questions that they want your law firm to address. 

What happens if a client misses the live video? Facebook posts the video to your Page or profile so that clients, colleagues, and friends who missed it can watch at a later time. Your law firm can also edit or delete the video on your timeline, just like any other post.

In the past, live broadcasts required thousands of dollars worth of equipment, hired talent and paid airtime. With Facebook Live, all your law firm needs to get started is a Facebook profile or page, iPhone or Android and at least a 4G connection or WiFi.

To learn more about how law firms use Facebook Live to enhance their reach and engagement with their target audience, contact our experts at Good2bSocial. We can help you maximize the return on investment from your social media marketing efforts and ensure you are generating meaningful business results. Click to start a no cost audit  of your social media presence online to find out how we can help.


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