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15 Ways To Increase Lead Generation From Your Website

by Kevin Vermeulen • March 8th, 2023 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Want to generate more leads from your law firm’s website? Here are 15 tips on web marketing for law firms that will help you do just that.

Lawyers and law firms spend countless dollars on building and refining their websites. Yet too many legal professionals believe the common myth that once their website is up and running, obtaining new clients will be effortless. The fact is, increasing business development opportunities and leads involves more than just launching a website. If you merely build it, they will probably NOT come.

But don’t fret! 

Steps To Increase Lead Generation From Your Website

1. Increase Visibility

Before potential clients can even consider working with your law firm, they must first find your website. Most legal professionals allocate a specific budget to upgrade their website, but if no one is visiting your site, it’s not going to generate any leads for your practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers the best path forward when you seek to increase traffic to your firm’s website. This means setting up your web pages in a certain manner or format to increase search visibility and improve the ranking of your keywords in search engines. Use keywords that apply to your target audience in order to show up on search results. 

For more secrets on how to increase visibility through SEO strategies, download our complimentary eBook, SEO for Law Firm Websites.

2. Make Yourself Easy To Contact

Since prospective clients will be browsing through countless law firm websites to find the right fit, you need to make sure your site stands out. Make your firm easy to contact by having visible and updated information on site. To make sure you don’t miss any inquiries, we recommend setting up landing pages, chatbots, and contact notifications through CRMs tools like Hubspot

3. Prove That You Are A Credible Source 

A high-risk decision-making factor for many clients is trust. Though your website may claim that your firm has the expert legal knowledge they seek, you’ll still need to prove to prospective clients that you are THE best and most credible source of that information. 

Producing and posting informative podcasts, videos, and blogs on your website are all great ways to do so. Reviews, client testimonials, and case studies will also communicate to prospects the type of work you do and how you’ve been able to help others with similar legal issues.

4. Provide Your Clients With Value

What’s the secret to converting website visitors into leads? Providing enough value to keep them returning to your site.

When you offer client-centric content that’s educational and informative, you may be able to answer at least some of the questions prospects have before they even speak with you. Since you have already given them something of value, they’ll view you as a knowledgeable attorney and will be encouraged to reach out to you directly.

5. Offer a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets – eBooks, whitepapers, checklists, reports, and similar digital products – help your potential clients solve a problem. To get the most out of your lead magnets, they should be “gated”, which means that the content is inaccessible unless a prospect first provides their information. 

When you offer valuable and timely lead magnets, visitors are usually happy to hand over their email addresses in exchange for a download. Once they’ve provided that information, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your prospective clients and begin the lead-nurturing process.

Webinars hosted by your law firm – both upcoming and on-demand – also make great lead magnets. Of course, you’ll also want to keep any webinar content gated, and only provide access in return for contact information.

6. Add Forms to Top Pages

Take a look at your data and figure out which pages are performing best, then add contact forms to these pages in the sidebar for easy access. Some other good places to add contact forms include your practice area pages and case studies.

7. Make Next Steps Clear

All your website pages should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that makes next steps clear. Whether it’s a practice area page, blog, or lead magnet landing page, the steps that you want your audience to take should be made very clear in a direct call to action.

8. Use a Live Chat 

Live chats are a great way to help your audience find the information they need and move them down the sales funnel more efficiently. You can use even one that’s automated to ensure visitors get a quick response.

9. On-Page Personalization

Personalized elements tend to be more effective when it comes to web marketing for law firms. In fact, personalized CTAs perform 202% better than regular CTAs. Try adding personalized elements like a name in your greeting or heading, custom CTAs, changing featured blog posts, etc.

10. Use Exit Trigger Technology

While you don’t want too many pop-ups on your website, consider adding pop-ups that will trigger when a user is about to exit. This will encourage them to stay on longer and eventually become a lead.

11. Create a Resource Center

We found in our annual study of America’s top law firms, The Social Law Firm Index, that more and more law firms are building out resource centers on their site. Resource centers should serve as hubs where users can easily navigate through all content in order to find information, whether that be blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, etc.

12. Upgrade Your UX

User experience (UX) refers to how a user perceives your site’s ease of use, accessibility, utility, and efficiency. UX is of the utmost importance when it comes to generating leads with web marketing for law firms, as users will be all too quick to click off without converting if they perceive your site as difficult to use. Some simple ways to improve UX include allowing for enough white space, improving page speed, using bullets, keeping a consistent design, and having an easy-to-follow site navigation in the header.

13. Use Landing Pages / Microsites

Sometimes navigating through a whole website may seem like a challenge. You can appeal to segments of your audience by creating specific landing pages or microsites for specific campaigns. Rather than plugging all the information for your lead magnet into your most recent blog or another site page, create a landing page specific to that lead magnet. You can then add a CTA to relevant blogs and pages on your main site that will send users to the landing page when they click on “learn more.” This will increase conversions and make users more likely to submit a form with their contact information.

14. Turn ‘Word of Mouth’ Into the Online Version

Referral marketing was once the most important lead-generation strategy for law firms…. And it still is to a certain extent. You can optimize your website so that users can easily share content or recommendations with a friend. Make sure to include  ‘Share’ buttons at the end of your blogs or other content like webinars, case studies, and videos so that users can easily share content via email or social media.

15. A/B Test

You’ll never learn the best way to optimize your site for lead generation without testing. A/B test (changing one element of a campaign in order to test which version is most effective) elements of your pages and compare data to figure out which elements perform best. Over time, you’ll learn the perfect formula for a high-converting web page.


Implement these 15 tips on web marketing for law firms, and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your law firm’s website into a lead-generating machine. Once you begin to boost visibility, build trust, offer lead magnets, and make it easy for the client to contact your firm, your qualified leads should start trending upwards.

We’ve helped many law firms and businesses in the legal industry improve their websites and attract the qualified leads they need to grow. If you’ve spent time and money on your site, but are still frustrated by lackluster results, Contact us to learn more.

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