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7 Components of a Successful Law Firm Landing Page

by Natalie Moe • December 8th, 2021 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Landing pages are a smart way to get web visitors to interact with your site. Whether you’re trying to engage with future clients, get people to take a targeted action, or promote something specific, landing pages are a big part of converting website visitors into leads. Landing page content is crucial – but don’t overlook landing page design. Effective landing page design can be the difference-maker in your next campaign. Here are the 7 elements of a successful law firm landing page. 

1. Structure

You can’t expect everyone to make it to the bottom of your page. That’s why it’s important to keep key features like the CTA or lead intake forms above the fold. Try to ensure the most important pieces of information are the easiest to see and remove distractions in the form of other links. 

2. Attention-Getting Headline

Your headline is probably the largest text on the page and should be the most intriguing. Draft a headline that’s compelling and then add additional copy to the page that maintains any momentum the headline generated. 

3. A Clear CTA

What is it that you want visitors to do when they land on your page? The design and copy on your page should all work together to lead a visitor to take that action. Use a button or other attention-getting link for your CTA

4. Social Proof

Remember that people who land on your page may not have done business with you before. Anything you can do to assure them of your expertise and credibility will be valuable. Testimonials, case studies, and reviews are all likely to encourage a visitor to take action. Instead of just adding a general description of your services, highlight your latest testimonial (or a carousel of them) and include links to see more results. 

5. Trust Symbols

Along with the social proof mentioned, include other signals that you’re trustworthy and secure. Things like trust seals and a link to your privacy policy help to build credibility with your traffic. 

6. Media

Text can only take you so far. Other forms of media like video or graphics can be more impactful. Think about how you want people to feel or what you want them to do when they view your landing page. Choose media options that communicate your desired message. 

7. Optimized Load Times

Once you’ve designed your pages, be sure to test load times. Optimize any video or images so that they don’t slow down page load times, and be sure any plugins or widgets aren’t dragging downtimes either. Remember that if your page takes too long to load, people are unlikely to wait around. 

Landing Page Best Practices

Along with a great landing page design, there are certain tactics that you can use to ensure your pages have the most impact. 

Perform a “Blink Test”

When you view the page, does it look professional and convey the right information in the time it takes you to blink? Make sure that any page where you’re sending people is immediately clear and compelling. 

Don’t Overthink It

A law firm landing page is a good place to keep things simple. Remember that if someone landed on your page, they clicked something to get there. That should give you some insight into what’s driving them. Use those insights to focus your page on the most critical information. 

Be Concise

Avoid elaborate explanations or lengthy text that will lead to scrolling. 

Build Trust Before Asking for Something

If you hope to have people fill out a form, you need to have credibility established. Have your social proof, trust seals, and other trust signals prominently displayed before you highlight your CTA. 

Limit Distractions

If someone is viewing your landing page, you are only a few clicks away from getting them to do what you wanted (whether that’s filling out a form or downloading a white paper). Don’t distract them now! Make your landing page deliberately simple and clean. Many experts suggest eliminating navigation and ensuring there are no other places to click. For example, a form and the “submit” button should be the singular point of focus. 

Restate Value

For example, you may want to highlight a simple, bulleted list near the top of the page to reiterate what you’re offering and why it’s valuable.

Test and Retest

Make sure everything on the page looks great, functions correctly, and is accurate. More than that, though, ask yourself: would I click on this link? Would I fill out this form? Do a gut check in order to perfect the look and feel of the page before you go live. 


A law firm landing page is unique because it provides a “jumping off” point for interactions between a visitor and your firm. That means it’s essential to get them right. Establish a precise goal for each landing page, and then design them using these key elements along with data-driven customizations.  Need some advice on how to create a law firm landing page? We can help you leverage clean, modern design to generate more leads with your landing pages. 


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