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Content Marketing for Attorneys: 22 Tips on How to Create Quality Content

by Noreen Fishman • March 22nd, 2022 • Content Marketing | Blog

It’s important for people to feel connected to others. If the past couple of years dealing with the pandemic have shown us anything, it’s how important it is to form and nurture relationships. Creating, maintaining, and growing an engaged audience is an essential part of content marketing for attorneys. But with such a crowded landscape, many law firms may not be sure of how to make their content stands out. However, content marketing for attorneys can be easy with these 22 tips on how to create quality content.

1. Take Questions From Your Followers

Spaces like Reddit are so popular because they give people a safe space to communicate. Hosting livestreams, Twitter chats, Reddit AMA (ask me anything) instances, and the latest audio chat rooms are all great ways to encourage people to bring you questions (and get answers). content marketing for attorneys

2. Ask Questions

Get out there and talk to your clients! You can connect with your audience more meaningfully if you invest time into discovering what is troubling them, what matters to them, etc. Use social media, email, or even surveys to ask questions and get responses. 

3. Begin With Empathy

Compassion and emotional intelligence are key traits that prospects often seek. In all aspects of messaging and design, try to authentically display these characteristics. 

4. View Your Marketing Objectively

Take a step back from your own tactics and think about whether you would respond to them. Does your marketing connect with audiences? Does it demonstrate value? Put yourself in your future clients’ shoes. 

5. Take Context From the Client’s Overall Journey

Knowing what happens at certain points in time isn’t as helpful as knowing how that moment integrates into someone’s overall engagement with your firm. Dig deeper into the overall funnel to understand at which points you can add value. 

6. Make Your Values Clear

Be genuine when you talk about why your firm does what it does. Provide needed resources and explain why someone should use them. The more value you provide, the more you can expect downloads and email subscriptions to increase. 

7. Highlight Your Clients

Some of the most effective content marketing positions clients as the hero of the story. Client-centered stories are always unique and more likely to resonate with prospects since it’s not something they’ve read before. 

8. Collaborate When Possiblecontent marketing for attorneys

Speaking of clients, working with them on content is a great way to build community. Co-create and build on some of their ideas. 

9. Work With Your Audience

Collaborating is a good idea, whether with clients, business partners, or industry leaders. Ask people for input, request a quote, interview someone, etc. You don’t have to wait for content to be published – use the creation process as an opportunity to reach out to potential collaborators. 

10. Always Reply

The goal of content is to spark engagement. If people comment on your material, comment back. If they ask questions, answer them. Thank your followers for reading. Whenever possible, view content as a channel for starting conversations. 

11. View Your Audience Differently.

Simply put, try viewing your audience as a community. Then you’ll be less likely to speak “at” them, and more likely to speak “to” them – which is a two-way street. 

12. Talk Directly to People

Similar to the point regarding questions, the best way to find out what will resonate with your followers is to speak to real people. Speak personally with the people you create content for. 

13. Carve Out a Community

Find ways to gather people together, such as starting a meetup group. Host regular virtual events, create or join LinkedIn groups, and remain active on content comment threads. Some firms have great success with a monthly webinar series, for example. 

14. Meet In-Person (when possible)

Continue to create valuable content online, but use it as a catalyst for generating interest in live events. Face-to-face connection cannot be replaced and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

15. Be Helpful

Attempt to serve the community that you sell to. A great way to be relevant, earn trust, and encourage referrals is to provide valuable insights or answer tough questions. 

16. Show Personality

People appreciate “real”. When it comes to content marketing for attorneys, try to be as transparent as possible, and don’t be afraid to show your audience that things aren’t always perfect. Show what makes your firm unique and the personalities that make up your team. 

17. Make Sure Your Content is Believable.

Content needs to make an emotional connection and go beyond quantifiable information or outlining facts. To feel a real connection, readers need to believe in what you’re saying. 

18. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Some marketers feel tempted to churn out content in order to feed various platforms. However, focusing on volume can lead to reduced quality. Try to improve metrics like time spent, scroll depth, or actions taken before creating new batches of content. 

19. Focus on Becoming an Expert

Industry leaders suggest finding an area where you can be a trusted expert and then delivering content in that area consistently. Narrow down the platforms you’ll use and dedicate your energy there. 

20. Consistency is Key

If you follow our blog, then you’ve heard us say that posting regularly is important. Show up for your audience as much as you can, but even if that’s not much – work out a schedule and stick to it. 

21. Invite People to Take Next Steps

Make sure people know how to connect with you. Share an email address, social media handle, or other CTA that lets people know how to engage further with you. 

22. Get Ideas From Employees

It can be difficult to come up with new concepts, but other people in your organization surely have some. What’s interesting about what they’ve done recently, or are currently working on? What stories do they share with others when they talk about their profession? Ask around to get new information to feature. 


Every marketer will have their own ideas on how to create compelling content – and every expert will have different advice to share on the best content strategies. No matter which methods you’re using, focus on forging a real connection with your audience by putting out quality content that serves as a valuable resource. Deliberately build a community that adds value for your audience in order to find success with content marketing for attorneys,

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