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9 Tips for Writing Effective Law Practice Area Pages

by Noreen Fishman • July 13th, 2021 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Law Practice area PagesOne of the best ways law firms can create a strong web presence is by creating practice area pages. Creating compelling practice area pages can provide key information and drive leads. How do you create practice area pages that encourage potential clients to contact your law firm? Here are nine best practices that content creators should keep in mind when developing law firm practice area pages. 

1. Write one webpage per practice area

Law firm practice area pages are an opportunity to explain to people what you do and showcase how you can help them. Don’t just create a bulleted list of your services, however, include detailed information on each practice area that reflects your knowledge and the understanding of your client’s needs.

Instead of clumping all your practice areas on one page, a page per niche gives you the opportunity to speak to relevant clients. Writing focused content on a single topic isn’t just client-friendly; it’s search engine friendly. You need separate practice area pages in order to be able to rank well on Google for terms and keyphrases related to each practice area.

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2. Anticipate and answer FAQs in advance

Remember that you’re writing copy for real people. Anticipate the questions and concerns they have. Help people understand how your firm addresses their challenges and also questions they’ll have about your firm: What do you do? How are you different? What do clients need to do on their end? What is the case process like? Research actual FAQs and write informative answers. 

3. Show prospective clients proof via case studies or testimonials

Most prospective clients won’t care how many years of experience or Chambers awards you have – but they will care to see how you’ve helped others. There is a lot of power in testimonials, reviews, and case studies yet many law firms overlook them. Instead, make it a habit to gather reviews and prepare case studies and incorporate them right on your practice area pages.

4. Make it super easy to contact you

Don’t just communicate the next steps, make it easy to do it. Use buttons and clear calls-to-action to guide people to the next step of the process. If you’d like website visitors to contact you or subscribe to your law firm’s newsletter, don’t take them to a separate page. Instead, provide a simple form for them to quickly and conveniently fill out.

5. Link to attorney bios

People will want to understand who they’ll be working with if they choose your firm. Include relevant information on the lawyers for each practice area, including their highlights, background, and specialties. Make sure to add a link to their comprehensive professional biography so people can learn more. Check out our past post on writing effective attorney bios. You can even include links to upcoming events that they’ll be hosting or past webinars or podcasts so readers can get a better feel for the individual’s personality. 

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6. Incorporate practice area sub-pages

We recommend creating tabs or subpages within practice area pages to avoid overwhelming potential clients with too much information at once, and to avoid causing your page to appear cluttered. This is also important for SEO.

7. Never stop tweaking and optimizing your practice area pages

Make it a habit to check back on your practice area pages throughout the year. Leverage tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand how well your pages are ranking for their target keywords, as well as traffic and conversion data. We encourage you to make adjustments based on this data, learn from your competitors and experiment.

8. Back up your practice area pages with blog posts

Now you know how to write practice area pages that drive leads and encourage potential clients to contact you. Now what?

A great way to make the most of your practice area pages is to back them up with related blog posts. Create a keyword research strategy and come up with a list of blog posts that can compliment your practice area page.

For instance, if you’re a divorce or family lawyer, here are some ideas for blog posts that will back up your practice area pages:

  1. 6 Divorce Mistakes You Must Avoid
  2. Child Custody Rights in Divorce
  3. 5 Tips for a Healthy Divorce

Each blog post is an opportunity for you to tell website visitors about your services and link them back to your practice area pages.

9. Draw inspiration from your top competitors

Your top competitors must be doing something right if they’re ranking above you for target keywords related to your practice areas. Instead of always racking your mind for what your practice areas pages should look like, mine their website for inspiration.

For instance, if you’ve noticed that they’re using a video on every practice area page, it’s probably an indication that video increases conversions for them and it could do the same for you.


Your law firm’s practice area pages should showcase what makes your firm and your attorneys the go-to resource for helping prospects. and your business great. When crafting content for them, remember to speak to your target audience, use social proof, and put the rest of these tips into action.

If you need help designing your practice area pages, or writing them, we can help. At Good2bSocial, we have experienced web developers and designers as well as legal journalists ready to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a consultation.


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