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A Legal Marketer’s Guide to A/B Testing for Optimal Campaign Performance

by Noreen Fishman • June 23rd, 2020 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

a/b testing for legal marketersDigital marketing offers several benefits – but the main one is that it is trackable and measurable. That means digital tactics offer legal marketers plenty of opportunity to make data-driven decisions and improve their efforts over time. The best way to do so? A/B Testing.

What is A/B Testing and Why Should Legal Marketers Use It?

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is the practice of comparing two versions of something to understand your law firm’s target audience’s preferences based on performance. You can test things like landing pages, emails, elements such as blog titles, or advertising components. To perform A/B testing, you will segment your audience into two samples (A and B). The bigger your sample size, the more confident you can be in your results. Then you create two variations, run your test, and collect and analyze the results. 

A/B tests are particularly impactful when applied to email campaigns, social media campaigns, content marketing, email marketing, website and landing pages. For example, the common landing page elements legal marketers can test are as follows:

  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Calls-to-Action (placement, color, copy)
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Any content above, near, or directly below the fold
  • Positioning of various text snippets

Analytics are a good start for understanding digital performance. A/B testing provides further insights than analytics alone. Testing allows you to gain perspective on other key areas, mainly what your audience is thinking and what resonates with them. These tests will help you create messaging and content that is more likely to convert prospects into clients. 

Accurate A/B testing can help improve your bottom line because you can figure out which marketing strategies work best for your firm. Some firms find that one campaign element can perform two or three times better than others, which can equate to quantifiable results. Effective A/B testing can help legal marketers maximize ROI, reduce costs, and generate more leads.

A Brief Summary of the A/B Testing Process for Legal Marketers

Legal marketers can begin A/B testing with only a few simple steps. 

1. Gather data to determine what to test

You can use various analytics tools or a heat map to see how users interact with your website. Take a look at your website to determine which pages to start testing. 

2. Develop two variations

Decide what you’ll test (buttons, text, headings, etc) and create two of the content (landing page, email, etc). Make sure you have a justification for whatever changes you’re making – why do you want to test that particular element? 

3. Begin the A/B test

You will need to use a special tool or your website platform to carry out the A/B test and make sure enough of your two audiences see the pages. For a landing page test, plan to run it for 3 or 4 weeks. For other content, take a look at the statistics that measure performance (such as open and CTR for an email).

4. Review and analyze performance

The entire purpose of the test is to analyze performance and make changes. Apply what you’ve learned to create more effective content.


A/B testing is all about optimizing your variables for improved marketing efficiency. Just a few small tweaks to a landing page, email, social media ad, or landing page call-to-action can significantly affect your conversion rates. Legal marketers should always look to run A/B tests as they require a small investment of time for a big boost in performance. Follow the four steps listed here, and you’ll be off to a great start gaining key insights into potential clients.

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