Want to generate more leads from your law firm’s website? Here are four tips that will help you do that. Attorneys and law firms spend countless dollars on building and refining their website. A common myth that many legal professionals may have is that once their site is up, obtaining new clients should come effortlessly. However, increasing business development opportunities and leads are more than just building a website. If you build it, they will probably not come! Do not fret! Here are 4 easy steps to generate more leads from your law firm’s website.

Step 1: Increase Visibility 

In order for potential clients to work with your law firm, they need to be able to find your website first. legal professionals allocate a specific budget to upgrade their website, but if no one is visiting your site, then it will not generate any leads for your practice.

The best way to increase visibility to your law firm’s website is through search engine optimization (SEO). This means setting up your webpages in a certain manner or format to increase search visibility and improve the ranking of your keywords in search engines. Use keywords that apply to your target audience in order to show up on search results. For more secrets on how to increase visibility through SEO strategies, check out our newest ebook, SEO for Law Firm Websites.

Step 2: Make Yourself Easy To Contact

Clients are browsing through countless firms to find the right fit for them. You want to be able to stand out and make yourself or your firm standout. Make your firm easy to contact by having visible and updated information on your website. To make sure you don’t miss any notifications we recommend setting up landing pages, chatbots, and contact notifications through CRMs tools like Hubspot

Step 3: Prove That You Are A Credible Source 

A high-risk decision making factor for many clients is trust. Though your website may claim that your firm has expert knowledge in your practice, how can you prove to the client that you are a credible source? A few great ways to do this by producing any podcast, videos, and blogs for your site. Another good idea is to have case studies that illustrate to prospects the type of work you do and how you have been able to help others with similar legal issues.

Step 4: Provide Your Clients With Value

The secret to converting website visitors to leads is providing them with enough value to keep returning to your site. By providing client centric content that is educational and informative you can answer some of the questions they have prior to visiting your office. Since you have already given them something of value, clients will be more likely to return since they view you as a knowledgeable attorney.


Utilize these 4 steps to generate more leads from your law firm’s website. Once you begin to increase your visibility, build trust, and make it easy for the client to contact you, then qualified leads will beginning to increase. Do you need more help in generating leads from your website? Are you frustrated that you have spent time and money on your website but you are not getting the results you had hoped for? Contact us for help. We work with law firms of all sizes and can help you to develop a strategy to generate more leads and build your practice.

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