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15 Questions Law Firms Can Use to Build Their Client Personas

by Paola Henriquez • June 24th, 2019 • Content Marketing | Blog

target clientA buyer persona – or, in the case of law firms, a “client persona” –  is a key piece of your marketing puzzle. How can you determine who to market to, if you don’t have thoughtful personas built out?

Here are 15 simple questions to help you build your ideal client personas:

  1. What are the personal demographics of your target audience (standard things like married or single, and income)?
  2. What is their educational background?
  3. Is there a specific industry where your target clients can be found (this will vary in many cases)?
  4. Company size:
    • a. If you’re targeting an individual – what is the size of the firm they work for?
    • b. If you’re targeting businesses – what is the company size?
  5. Is there a particular job title your target might have?
  6. Who does your target report to in their job? Do they have any direct reports?
  7. How is your target’s job measured?
  8. Describe a typical “day in the life” of your target client.
  9. What are the target’s biggest challenges?
  10. How do they learn about new information?
  11. Which social networks does your target participate in?
  12. Is your target internet savvy? What are they doing online?
  13. How does your target client find and interact with their vendors?
  14. What blogs or news sources does your target client read or subscribe to?
  15. What is keeping your future client up at night? Write in one sentence how you will solve this problem for them.

Now that you’ve asked yourself these questions, you should have plenty of information to start developing personas for your firm. You may even want to browse some stock photo sites and grab a picture to represent this ideal target. Many firms develop more than one persona since there are a variety of targets that may be interested in the services your firm offers. For example, you may want to build personas for a company’s in-house counsel and another for their CEO. We suggest building out a slide deck with no more than 5 target client personas. Include a photo and basic information like demographics. Give them a title like “In-House Hank” or “Business Owner Brenda”, and refer back to them when you’re developing a marketing strategy.


A well-crafted client persona is an important tool to guide your law firm’s marketing efforts. If you have questions or need help in building out your client personas, feel free to connect with us. We are ready to help!

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