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A Checklist To Managing Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

by Paola Henriquez • August 30th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

facebook business For plenty of law firms, building and maintaining a social media presence can seem like an overwhelming task. Facebook has become a problematic social network for many law firms because managing your law firm’s Facebook page takes a significant amount of time and provides little results.  However, with 1.37 billion users daily, this platform is one of the best places to build a social media presence for your law firm and generate more business by marketing to potential clients.

The good news is, managing a Facebook page for your firm doesn’t have to be such a daunting and time-consuming task. Sure, you could spend hours a day posting and interacting with your followers, but we’ve narrowed down a simple daily checklist to guide you through maintaining your law firm’s Facebook page.

The Checklist:

Step 1:  Check for messages.

Reply right away, even if you can’t give a comprehensive response immediately. If a message takes more than a few minutes to respond to, reply with a quick and polite acknowledgment such as “Thank you for your message! We have received it and will be in touch ASAP to answer your questions”. This is essential to your daily routine because Facebook pages are rated for responsiveness and visitors will see how long it takes for you to respond on average. This could easily entice or deter clients from reaching out. 

Step 2: Respond to activity.

Your response can be simple and to the point. The goal is to interact with your clients and acknowledge any activity they have posted on your page. Acknowledging comments by tagging them in your response will do. Additionally, if any users have checked into your location, interact with that posting as well. Give it a like and a short personal response such as “Thanks for visiting us”, and make sure to tag the user’s name below.  

Pro Tip: Negative comments are a great opportunity to demonstrate the professionalism of your law firm. It’s essential for law firms to learn how they should respond to social media and PR crisis.

Step 3: Publicly interact with a few key firms or lawyers. 

This engagement with key professionals can manifest itself in a lot of different ways. You can like their page, tag them in a relevant post, and/or be active on their page by liking, sharing, and commenting on their content. This will give your law firm exposure to their followers and clients as well as maintain your relationship with key industry players. 

Step 4: Schedule your content.

This step may only require execution once or twice a week. You can use Facebook Business Manager or a marketing automation platform such as Hubspot to prepare posts. This will simplify your daily Facebook routine because you will already have content preplanned and scheduled for your page, keeping your page active and consistent.

Pro Tip: Posting at the right time will give your content more visibility and potentially higher interaction. Thursday at 1:00 pm is a generally good time to post as well as after work when most people are on social media and unwinding after a long day.  

Bonus Pro Tips:

  • Make sure that you are posting high-quality content on your firm’s Facebook page daily. Consistency is key when building a social media presence. 
  • Learn how to use Facebook Live, its a great tool for interacting with your followers!
  • Utilize Facebook’s “Boost Post” function on well-performing content in an effort to reach a larger audience than your posts normally would. 


The bottom line is that maintaining and growing your Facebook page doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and tedious process. If your firm completes the daily checklist described above, you should start to see higher engagement from your followers, more traffic to your page, more inquiries through messenger, and more post views and activity. If you need further assistance in managing your law firm’s Facebook page or need help in developing a social media strategy, reach out to us!

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