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Facebook Ad Mistakes Law Firms make

by Paola Henriquez • August 15th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

social media adsCreating paid ads on social media is an essential step for law firms marketing to consumers. But what if you’re not seeing the right types of results from these ads? You could be making mistakes that are actually hurting rather than helping your campaign. Today we go over 3 Facebook ad mistakes law firms make, and how to fix them.

Optimizing Facebook Ads Too Often

You may think that refining each campaign or updating your ads on a constant basis is necessary for your post to get conversions. While this may have been true in the past, Facebook’s algorithm has changed to market ads in a smarter way, so that the best performing ads are getting seen the most.

It’s easy to think by editing ads, changing budgets, constantly refining targets, and putting out as many ads that you can, that they will perform better among your audience. However, this actually has the opposite effect on the algorithm. By spreading your budget across several ads, then you won’t have one single ad with enough power to produce conversions. When you touch or make any changes to your campaigns, you’re actually resetting your ad rank and starting over from stage one of the learning phase.

In order to remedy this mistake, lawyers should put together larger audiences by merging custom audiences and lookalike audiences from the previous ones that convert.

Focusing On The Solution, Not The Client’s problem.

There’s a fine line between creating an ad that is solution-focused rather than client-focused.

Most of the ads that people run into on their feed focus on promotion-based content, urging them to download an eBook or sign up for a limited time offer. However, this is usually when your target is encountering your firm for the first time.

In order to stand out among countless firms with the same goal and similar ads, lawyers need to make their ad about the client and not the solution that they are advertising. Take a moment to consider your client persona. Emphasis their story, pain, challenges, and their ideal outcome. By taking these factors into consideration, you can build a campaign that grabs the attention of the clients you are trying to pursue.

Assuming One-Size-Fits-All When Targeting Audiences

Now that lawyers and legal vendors are beginning to understand the importance of social media when advertising their services, they need to begin customizing the content that they are posting to fit each platform.

An easy Facebook ad mistake law firms make is to run the same campaign across multiple platforms. But if the goal is to stand out and make your target client stop to even read the ad, lawyers are going to have to start catering to the creative aspects to fit the platform they’re on. Facebook has a video requirements cheat sheet that you could follow, or catch up on our article about optimizing video content.

Going along those lines, refining your firm’s aesthetic and creative aspects along with uploading high-resolution content can get time consuming. While following Facebook’s guide on video will certainly help, hiring a marketing agency that can properly create all of these social media deliverables is the best way to make sure the content you’re pushing out works for each platform.


If you’re struggling to see progress in your Facebook ads, we hope this post helps point out some blind spots in your strategy. However, mastering Facebook ads overnight is just impossible. Feel free to reach out to us if your firm needs assistance in creating campaigns that get results.

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