Author: Alanna Fichtel

The Top 5 Twitter Influencers on Real Estate Law

Over the past several weeks we have been featuring lawyers who are on Twitter that are considered thought leaders on social media in their particular practice area. Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that has proven to be an effective client acquisition channel for many law firms, and if done correctly, your firm can benefit […]

How Law Firms Can Use Instagram Stories

While the Instagram Stories feature itself is not new, it is still a largely untapped tool among law firms. Many brands regularly use the feature to promote their companies and products by posting fun photos and videos, creative infographics, and interactive content. With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, law firms can similarly leverage […]

Top 5 Twitter Influencers in Tax Law

Advertising and marketing have become more difficult today due to the plethora of innovative tactics and technology aimed at connecting with consumers. One non-traditional strategy that has rapidly gained popularity across many industries is influencer marketing. According to Hubspot, 89% of businesses say their ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other […]

Top 5 Influencers in Securities and Financial Services Law

Influencer marketing is a hot topic in digital marketing today—you may be familiar with the idea of businesses partnering with celebrities for endorsements and advertisements on Instagram. But there is more to the strategy than this, and it’s transferable to the legal industry. Although non-traditional, influencer marketing is an effective way for a law firm […]

The Top 5 Twitter Influencers on Employment Law

We have previously discussed the variety of benefits influencer marketing can have for law firms and how this type of marketing has become the fastest growing online client-acquisition channel over organic search and email. It is therefore important for your firm to consider this method as a way to increase the value of your thought […]

How to Integrate CSR into Your Law Firm’s Blog

Many lawyers and law firms today engage in socially responsible practices and make an effort to give back to their communities. These efforts not only benefit society at large but also are helpful in a business development sense given that 86% of consumers today believe companies should make a commitment to address social issues. That […]

What You Should Know About Google’s Domain Diversity Search Update

As a legal marketer or law firm that continuously works to optimize its web pages for search, Google’s newest search change should be on your radar. Called the “site diversity change,” the change that rolled out last week seeks to achieve more diversity in search results by showing no more than two listings from the […]

Podcast Ep. 92: What Stories Law Firms Should Be Pitching to the Media

In this podcast, Joshua Peck, founder and president of Law Firm Media Professionals and CEO of Woodridge Communications, discusses what stories law firms should pitch to the media. Podcast Show Notes Joshua Peck is a nationally recognized leader in communications and public relations, with an award-winning record of working with clients to develop their profiles, […]

Top 5 Twitter Influencers on Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Influencer marketing has become an important part of social media strategy for brands, services and companies, including law firms. While there are many ways for law firms to grow their audiences and expand their reach through social media, influencer marketing is a highly recommended and effective method. Over the next several months we will be […]

The Top 5 Twitter Influencers on Cybersecurity & Privacy Law

In a 2018 report, Twitter released findings on the effectiveness of influencer marketing on social media platforms, particularly on its own service due to the immediate nature of the platform. They found that 61% of Twitter users follow an influencer or creator, with this type of content driving brand favorability. Twitter’s main takeaway from the […]

Top 5 Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcasts of 2019

While we aren’t yet halfway through 2019, it has been an exciting year so far for the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast. From predicting digital marketing trends, to hosting industry leaders, we have shared business advice, personal stories, and best practices on topics relevant to law firms and legal marketers. Here are the top 5 most […]