Author: Shruthi N

Law Firm’s Guide to Native Advertising

Native advertising has become a valuable asset in the marketer’s toolbox, and for good reason! In the modern-day business landscape, merely knowing your audience is no longer enough to capture their attention. Native advertising, no matter how important, is only effective when utilized correctly. In order for lawyers to work to polish up their advertising […]

Podcast Ep. 96: How To Build The Marketing Foundation For Your Law Firm

In this podcast, Bill Bice, an expert in building legal technology companies, speaks about building the marketing foundation for your law firm. Connect with Bill at or follow him on Twitter at @billbice What has been the number one marketing mistake firms have made Your audience doesn’t care about you- they care about the […]

Benefits of Instagram Creator Accounts for Law Firms

Law firms of all sizes are continuing to expand their use of Instagram. In today’s blog post we take a look at Instagram creator accounts for law firms. Personal accounts on Instagram are by far the most popular type of account, but over time, the acclaimed platform has released far more tools to assist businesses […]

Podcast Ep. 90: How Small Law Firms Can Use Media Relations To Promote Their Firm

In this podcast, Janet Falk discusses how solo practitioners or small law firms can use media relations to promote their product. Janet Falk is a Public Relations and Marketing Communications professional who advises attorneys with a solo practice or a small law firm. She has placed clients in top-tier media and industry trade publications read […]

Podcast Ep. 89: Roy Sexton on the Benefits of Introversion in Legal Marketing

In this podcast, Roy Sexton discusses how to win the room when you’d rather stay home – the benefits of introversion. Roy is a Marketing Executive, Author, Public Speaker, Community Leader, Arts Advocate, Animal Nut, Comic Book Reader, Toy Collector, and self-proclaimed Nerd. He has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, business development, […]

Podcast Ep. 88: Future-Proof Your Law Firm with Brand as a Business Strategy

In this podcast, Robyn Itule, the Director of Marketing for Fennemore Craig, discusses how to future-proof your law firm with brand as a business strategy. Podcast Show Notes Robyn Itule is the Director of Marketing for Fennemore Craig. She grew up in her career doing brand, marketing and communications at a Fortune 500 tech company. […]

Top 5 Law Firm Twitter Accounts

As we progress deeper into the digital age, there’s no questioning the power of social media. Equally beneficial to advertisers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and lawyers alike, the various social platforms have the ability to reach audience members all around the globe, serving as an ideal communication tool. When social media comes into consideration, the capabilities […]

The Law Firm Marketing Department of the Future [On-Demand Webinar]

Over the past 15 years, the business of law has evolved greatly, impacting marketing teams at firms all around the globe. Law firms are facing tremendous pressure to rethink the manner in which they provide and package their services. While these changes can be exciting, they’re no doubt frightening for firms that are not up […]

5 Inspiring Law Firm Facebook Pages

An effective social media page is much like an effective marketing campaign – it’s relative to the targeted audience. Often times, firms confuse being relatable with being effective, leading to a social media page that doesn’t quite resonate with its target audience. This isn’t to say that it can’t be done! Facebook serves as a […]

The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Practice

As we get further into the digital age, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Connectivity proves to be both a blessing and a curse for law firms and their success. With large networks comes oversaturation and competition – two words that can result in your firm’s demise. Reviews are no new concept to the […]