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The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Practice

by Shruthi N • March 25th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

online reviewsAs we get further into the digital age, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Connectivity proves to be both a blessing and a curse for law firms and their success. With large networks comes oversaturation and competition – two words that can result in your firm’s demise. Reviews are no new concept to the internet, but have become drastically more important over the past couple years due to the increased amount of competition in all industries. The modern client no longer makes their purchase decisions without knowledge, and instead relies heavily on word of mouth and the opinions of others. But as a lawyer or law firm, where should you start to acquire online reviews and make the most of your clients’ voices? Here are a few of the most notable online review platforms, and how to make the most of what they offer:

Google My Business

You might have heard this platform be called the starting point for any digital marketing strategy. Well, there is great truth in that statement. For both lawyers and law firms, the ratings displayed on Google My Business determine your star rating in Google Maps results. Therefore, these reviews are one of the most important components that go into determining where businesses (typically local) appear in Google search results. Some easy ways to increase your number of Google My Business reviews are to: integrate you GMB review link into email marketing campaigns, tell your client-facing staff to ask for reviews from clients, and write personal emails that request reviews.

Social Media

This channel was previously overlooked for being merely a marketing outlet, but social media applications are extremely beneficial in not only producing, but sharing reviews. It’s well known that word spreads quickly on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and that is no exception to your firm and as a lawyer. The best part about social media reviews? They’re interactive. Responding to your reviews and feedback not only creates a positive brand image for your service, but establishes a sense of loyalty to current and potential clients. Keeping in mind that the average demographic of users for social media typically has a lower age range, the interactive component of social media reviews are sure to benefit your practice.


While this review site doesn’t necessarily appear on Google Maps results, it certainly is considered a reliable source by current and potential clients. But how is this platform different than the others? The general rule of thumb in regards to reviews is the more the better. Due to the majority of pre-existing accounts on Yelp, users are typically more likely to leave reviews, making Yelp extremely beneficial to your firm or service. Much like social media reviews, Yelp reviews can be shared via links, leading to a rapid spread of opinion.


Although it may seem daunting at first, acquiring reviews as a lawyer is essential to the growth of your firm. In such a digitized world, word of mouth and opinions encompass the ability to greatly impact the success of businesses. Numerous studies have shown that millennials and even older generations place great trust in reviews, further proving that utilizing this channel would be highly beneficial for your firm. Whether you need help acquiring online reviews or managing your current online reputation, contact us!

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