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5 Inspiring Law Firm Facebook Pages

by Shruthi N • March 28th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

law firm FacebookAn effective social media page is much like an effective marketing campaign – it’s relative to the targeted audience. Often times, firms confuse being relatable with being effective, leading to a social media page that doesn’t quite resonate with its target audience. This isn’t to say that it can’t be done! Facebook serves as a great platform to reach a diverse range of ages and audience members, making it an extremely helpful marketing tool when utilized correctly. However, it’s understandable why one might have trouble visualizing this fun and engaging Facebook page. What kind of content does it include? To help your firm spark a little inspiration, we’ve gathered 5 law firm Facebook pages we believe to be excellent examples of legal social media done well.

Baker McKenzie

With 14,428 followers and 13,683 page likes, this firm is taking the crown for the widest audience reach. Compared to the other firms on this list and on the Social Law Firm index, Baker McKenzie also received the most number of likes per post on average. When looking at their general approach to Facebook, the firm is keen on posting behind-the-scenes content, showcasing the partners, associates, and assistants of the firm in a less structured manner. Not only is this great imagery, but an excellent way to humanize the firm – something that has proven to be a successful marketing methods. Alongside this creative content, the firm also frequently curates content that aligns with their values and practice areas.

DLA Piper

This firm uses its Facebook page to establish international dominance – a trait not every law firm has. With 10,529 likes and 11,611 followers, DLA Piper puts up a good fight to Baker McKenzie. However, this firm’s approach to the platform is a little bit different in the sense that graphics and videos are incorporated rather than static images. In addition to behind-the-scenes content, DLA Piper uses these varying forms of media to engage their audience and inform in a manner that’s a bit less blase.

Sidley Austin

Sidley Austin has less followers (3,029) in comparison to the other firms on this list, but they engage their smaller audience in a just as effective manner. A common theme of behind-the-scenes content is prevalent between the majority of these firms, but this firm gives that idea a new twist. Instead of general photographs of lawyers at the firm working together, this firm highlights certain partners and associates, with a detailed caption describing the individual’s accomplishment or story. Sidley Austin also takes this concept abroad, showcasing how their actions have an impact around the globe. Although the photographs the firm posts are very simple in nature, the descriptions counteract the simplicity by far.

White & Case

This international law firm is notorious for its diverse reach, with 10,034 followers and 9,531 page likes. Aside from the general manner in which many of the firms on this list tend to approach social media, this firm has its YouTube account linked to Facebook. This means, its Facebook account serves as a portfolio to showcase their wide variety of interviews, profiles, and informative videos. Not only is this an exceptional way to promote themselves to potential clients, but to gain traffic to their YouTube account as well. After all, video content has proven to be effective at capturing the attention of those using social media, so White & Case is undoubtedly on the right track.

Latham & Watkins

While this firm has a relatively less discussion surrounding it on Facebook, the amount of likes they receive on their account proves that their tactics are working and impactful. At 9,546 followers, Latham & Watkins does by far the best job at humanizing their firm. With pictures of smiling faces and lots of cheerful video content, the firm maintains a more personal edge – something Facebook users love to see. Unique to this firm, their Facebook profile showcases different albums of photographs, making it easier for viewers to sort through different types of visual content.


While there hasn’t been a formula developed to concoct the perfect Facebook page, the manner in which these firms approach this social media platform is a great place to start. However, establishing a strong and effective social media presence is a personalized game, with target audiences varying and motives changing. Are these exemplar Facebook pages not sparking enough inspiration? Contact us to brainstorm further about your law firm’s social media strategy.

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