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What Law Firms Need to Know About LinkedIn in 2024

by Evan Powell • January 24th, 2024 • Digital Marketing, Social Media | Blog

LinkedinLinkedIn is an incredible tool for law firms, lawyers, and other professional service firms. The great news for those of us who depend on the platform is that with more technology advancements than ever, 2024 is going to be a great year for LinkedIn! They’ve added new features and streamlined a few current ones, making the user experience better than before. 

2024 LinkedIn Trends

In particular, LinkedIn has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) and is using it to launch other integrations on the platform. Users can expect a shift toward more personalized content and communication that can assist with relationship-building and digital networking. Specifically, digital experts expect to see these trends this year and beyond: 

  1. Enhanced focus on AI and automation – As we mentioned, LinkedIn is putting more focus into artificial intelligence. Businesses will continue to leverage AI to better understand their target audiences, while other tools will make it easier to create content that resonates with them. Many companies will be exploring AI further in 2024 and figuring out the ways in which these platforms can support their business. As business leaders increasingly implement AI and look for ways to be more efficient in content creation and audience analysis, LinkedIn can significantly improve productivity. With that being said, LinkedIn has published reminders that they are firmly against the use of data scrapers or automation tools that might violate privacy regulations. 
  2. More strategic platform use – The past few years have led to a period of economic uncertainty for many, and during those times, companies will try to do more with less and look for the highest ROI for their investments. LinkedIn will implement measures around tailored content and more strategic networking in order to deliver stronger ROI numbers to users. With the expansion of LinkedIn statistics, marketers can get a clearer picture of the results they are getting on the platform. Plan to pay closer attention to how your efforts on LinkedIn (and other platforms) are paying off in the new year. 
  3. Increased SEO efforts – Some experts believe that LinkedIn’s search engine will be used more often to find relevant content. While you have been able to search for others’ content since 2018, many people don’t know that they can search using specific keywords. Combined with Boolean search, LinkedIn offers a more efficient way to discover new content that resonates with you or your audience. With younger generations, it’s already popular to search for relevant content on social media platforms, and LinkedIn will lean into this. Keep your critical keywords in mind and make sure you have an optimization strategy in mind for any content that you post moving forward. 
  4. More personalization Customization and personalization have been big topics in the social media arena for some time, but now AI will allow even further tailoring. Moving beyond basic personalization, expect to see a shift toward what experts call “Conversational based marketing” and “Account based marketing”. These approaches necessitate a more thorough understanding of unique needs and preferences and enable marketers to better tailor their content and experiences to people. In this way, you can create interactions that are more likely to resonate with specific audience segments rather than a broader group. 
    • Conversational marketing is a strategy that enables law firms to communicate with their customers on a more personal level. It uses tools like LinkedIn chat to focus on engagement with content and forge deeper relationships with potential clients. 
    • Account based marketing is something most B2B marketers are already familiar with, and it allows you to target specific companies or groups with customized sales and marketing efforts.
  5. Desire for authenticity – We can’t discount the downside of AI-generated material. As this type of content continues to expand, we can expect more demand for 100% authentic human interactions and content. Look for users to increasingly seek genuine content and connections, with more effort on distinguishing between AI-generated messages and those created by real humans. 


There are also a few things that experts say would make LinkedIn an even more user-friendly and powerful platform, but we have no way of knowing if there is work being done to these ends. For example, many users want to be sure that the platform excludes the use of bots or automation tools, while the quality of newsfeed content continues to improve in relevance. LinkedIn is likely working on these items already, but they haven’t released news on particular features designed to help. 

Regardless, we do know that LinkedIn is focused on distributing content equitably and that genuine and authentic engagement is a priority. If you focus your attention on creating quality content that resonates, and forging real connections with human interactions, you can make the most of the 5 trends we listed and make this year your most impactful yet. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with the latest digital trends and technology. 


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