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How Law Firms Can Use HubSpot’s New AI Content Creation Tool

by Kevin Vermeulen • July 19th, 2023 • HubSpot, Marketing Technology | Blog

You may have heard that artificial intelligence is “revolutionary” – and it is. AI is changing the way things get done in the modern workplace, and marketing is no exception. HubSpot has new tools powered by AI, and content creators can use them to make their jobs easier. Here’s what you need to know. 

HubSpot Content Assistant

Content is king, but it can be time-consuming and resource-intensive to create. HubSpot’s newest tool uses OpenAI’s GPT model to help content creators unlock both creativity and productivity. Everyone from your marketing team to your sales staff can streamline their work and increase the quality of written work that they produce. The Content Assistant tools work alongside the other functionality that you already use in HubSpot. Users can toggle between manual and AI content creation to produce copy for blogs, social posts, lead nurturing emails, and more.This can be incredibly powerful for people who experience writers’ block or simply get frustrating switching back and forth between multiple tools. 

Use Content Assistant to: 

  • Write compelling marketing emails 
  • Come up with copy for social media posts
  • Draft prospecting emails or other cold communications
  • Generate new blog or thought leadership ideas
  • Improve your CTAs or come up with different variations
  • Develop short paragraphs of copy for collateral or web content

HubSpot ChatSpot

This tool is designed to help users get tasks done faster using AI-powered, chat-based commands. ChatSpot is essentially a conversational CRM bot that your teams can use with other HubSpot features to be more productive. By using chat-based commands, you can do everything that you normally do in HubSpot – but much faster. 

For example, if you need to create a new contact immediately, you can skip the manual entry and have ChatSpot do it for you. From there you can ask ChatSpot to send follow-up emails, generate reports, come up with new marketing list segments, and a lot more. 

Use ChatSpot to: 

  • Draft follow-up emails 
  • Get quick status updates (such as “How many opportunities do I have assigned to me?”)
  • Add contacts and other details for people or leads
  • Set reminders for new actions 
  • Prospect and pull lists of potential leads based on the criteria you set
  • Pull a variety of reporting
  • Insights into forecasting – for example, list the deals closing this month and the associated revenue

Using AI with Current HubSpot Features

These innovative new tools are designed to be used with other HubSpot features. You can use a combination of these platforms to save time, be more productive, and overall work smarter. Here are some use cases for using the AI features alongside the HubSpot functionality you’re used to:

  • Data cleansing – Limit your manual data entry by using AI to de-dupe, log, and enhance contact or company information
  • Organize email contacts – Enter and segment email contact information while minimizing manual entry and human errors
  • Record and transcribe calls – Capture and transcribe conversations automatically, so you can have additional context for contacts or opportunities available 
  • Get SEO suggestions – Use SEO tools to scan your website and automatically uncover opportunities for optimization
  • Import seamlessly – Easily import contact or client information from spreadsheets by using AI to map each cell to its relevant CRM property. 


These are just some of the innovative ways to use AI within your current HubSpot platform. However, don’t be afraid to get creative! Consider the other content or CRM-related tasks that you normally complete manually. How much time could be saved if you could take advantage of AI and automate these functions? 

AI is here to stay and savvy users will soon get ahead in their careers as navigating these tools becomes a valuable skill set. Make sure to stay up to speed with the latest developments and continue learning how to take advantage of AI. A good place to start is by reviewing the AI-related posts on our blog. We pay close attention to the trends associated with AI so that you can stay in the loop!


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