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The Best Social Media Platforms for Video

by Guy Alvarez • February 28th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Video and social media go hand-in-hand. According to HubSpot’s 2021 State of Marketing Report, video is the top content marketing strategy, while social media was the top marketing channel. Facts like these – along with the growth of social media video platforms – prove that combining social media marketing with video content is an incredibly effective strategy. However, not all video strategies are created equal, nor are the social media platforms where video is displayed. If you plan to make video a part of your digital marketing efforts, you need to be sure that you’re sharing the right messages on the right platforms with the right people. Here is a breakdown of the best video platforms for law firms.

Where do People Watch the Most Social Media Videos? 

Chances are you’ve heard about the success of Gen-Z targeting platforms like TikTok. However, while Instagram, TikTok, and othervideo platforms for law firms platforms have become more popular, they’re not the only places where people watch videos. According to HubSpot’s report, the most popular answer to the question “On which social media platform do you most commonly watch videos?” was YouTube. In fact, the responses were: 

YouTube – 35%

Facebook – 25%

TikTok – 19%

Instagram – 8%

Other – 13%

This survey shows us that a mix of older and newer platforms is most impactful. The survey also demonstrates that video content is the top content format that marketers leverage across social platforms. When considering video platforms for law firms, try using a healthy mix of different platforms that are most popular, like the ones stated above.

5 Tips for Your Best Social Media Video Strategy

As we said, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to video platforms for law firms. But there are some best practices that can help ensure your video gets the attention it deserves. 

1. For most video platforms for law firms, “snackable” content is most successful

Super short-form content is ideal for today’s busy audiences. People do not invest the time into various content formats that they once did, so focusing on short videos that drive engagement is a better way to generate interest. One important note on this type of content is that many platforms auto-play videos, so you need to make sure videos are suitable for auto-play. Keep them short and put the most important information in the first few seconds. In many instances, the videos begin playing silently, so include text overlays or captions too.

2. Test various video formatsvideo platforms for law firms

Snackable content is very powerful, but there is still a place for longer videos and other types of content. For example, there are likely people in your audience who would be interested in a live video Q & A or an interview with a thought leader. Experiment with live streams, interactive videos, storytelling features, etc. Make sure you identify the metrics you want to track and then monitor them so you can see what’s working and what needs to change. 

3. Tailor video content to a platform’s audience

Some content will perform better on certain platforms than others. For example, we know that shorter, lighter subject-matter content will likely perform better on YouTube or Facebook, while a Q & A with a thought leader will get more views on LinkedIn. Make sure you understand the audience for each social media platform and then post content that is appropriate for those people. 

4. Don’t rely too much on repurposed content

Don’t get us wrong, repurposing content is an incredibly smart idea and can help even small marketing teams reach more people. However, you don’t want to fall into the trap of posting the same video to multiple platforms too often. Make sure you have a unique strategy for your most prioritized video content platforms. Keep in mind that some social media platforms will even deprioritize your content if it has a watermark from another network. 

5. Partner with other people

Just like you’re an expert in legal matters, there are people who are experts in video marketing within your niche. Some of them can even create videos for you and then share them with their audience. Influencer marketing has never been more important. Reach out to thought leaders in your industry and feature them in your videos or have them endorse your firm in their content. Talk to other industry experts about how you can collaborate on video content. Similarly, you can include satisfied clients in your efforts. You can ask for video client testimonials, or compile a video of multiple user-generated content. 


Social media and video marketing are evolving constantly. It’s important for marketers to stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices and the best video platforms for law firms.

We’ve helped many law firms and businesses effectively utilize video to boost their content marketing efforts and have helped them create a wide array of videos. If you’d like additional help with your video marketing efforts, reach out to us for a free consultation.


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