content planningDigital marketing continues to change the way clients find and interact with law firms. Advertising where prospects or future clients might see you is a great start – but you’ll need a more sophisticated plan to attract and engage them. 

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, lead nurturing has become crucial. By giving individuals content that is actually helpful and useful based on where they are in the decision process, you can reach those seeking assistance at the right time, as well as build loyalty to your firm. 

Content mapping is the exercise of plotting out content to each stage of your unique marketing funnel. Lead nurturing is essential in turning a stranger into a client, and content mapping is a key component of that process. 

The 4 Stages of a Typical Marketing Funnel

Though any marketing funnel has some differences to keep in mind (for example, shopping for jeans is naturally a lot different than choosing an attorney), generally prospective clients follow predictable stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Delight.


In this stage, readers are looking for answers that address a problem. They might not fully understand the problem or even if they need a law firm to assist them. At this stage of the funner, you will want to focus your efforts on creating educational and informative content that will enable your prospects to better understand the issue at hand and help them to determine whether or not they need to seek the help of a lawyer. 


At this stage, clients understand what their challenge is. They understand they need a lawyers assistance and are considering different lawyers and firms. This is a critical phase because it’s where prospects build their “shortlist”. Any content you provide needs to be exceptionally valuable and clear, while also subtly addressing why your firm is the best. This is where case studies and webinars can help prospects to understand the knowledge and experience that your lawyers have.


This is the “make or break” stage where individuals will decide between the lawyers and firms on their shortlist. They need very compelling information on why your firm can best meet their needs and solve their challenges.


Success isn’t won simply by signing the contract. If you want to retain clients and build lifetime value, you need to continue to please them and do a great job. Go above and beyond to ensure your client’s satisfaction and keep in touch regularly (in a helpful way). Referrals are important for any law firm, so focusing energy on people in this stage is never a waste of time. 

There is a second component to impactful content mapping, and that’s building out proper buyer personas and understanding how to reach them. For advice on creating your perfect client persona, visit our previous blog post: 15 Questions to Build Your Client Personas


Combining accurate client personas with content that is matched to their stage in the buyer’s journey will lead to stronger lead nurturing and increased client conversions. Now that you have learned how law firms can map content to their marketing funnel to increase conversions, it is time for you to start analyzing your content. As always, if you need more advice on anything mentioned here, please contact us today!

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