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How Law Firms Can Run an Effective Re-engagement Campaign

by Kevin Vermeulen • October 2nd, 2018 • Content Marketing | Blog

Re-engagement CampaignA re-engagement campaign for your law firm is a great way to reconnect with contacts who have stopped opening your emails or visiting your website. Assuming you have an email newsletter or are sending out client alerts, you likely have many contacts on your lists who do not actually engage, either completely ignoring the emails or just skimming them without clicking through. An effective re-engagement campaign can get these contacts to engage again, boosting the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

Understand the Reasons for Disengagement

If you have the proper tools at your disposal, you should start by figuring out why these contacts disengaged in the first place. Be prepared to receive multiple answers. Maybe look at logs related to client support to see if those who have disengaged complained or are dissatisfied with your services. Don’t forget to look at the demographics of disengaged contacts to see if you seem to be missing an entire group of people.

Gather Information and Segment Your Email Lists

If you are trying to use email to re-engage clients or contacts at your law firm, you need to realize that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Your re-engagement email must address the problem that led to the lack of activity and then work to meet their current needs. To do this effectively, you need to divide your email list based on those specifics. To gather the necessary information, ask users to participate in surveys or polls to determine their preferences, personally reach out to the inactive subscribers, and ask those who unsubscribe to tell you why they did so.

Act to Counter the Reasons

Sometimes, your law firm will know exactly why contacts are not engaging with you. If there was a lack of new content or you know your emails do not provide enough value, address this. Send an email acknowledging the problem, apologizing for it, and letting subscribers know how you will resolve it.

Create Interesting Content

For your emails to truly re-engage clients, they must be interesting and professional. However, you need to supplement this with the same type of content on your website. Ensure everything you create is well-written, informative, and relevant. You may also want to consider incorporating videos or podcasts into content mix.

Consider a Giveaway

In situations where you have many disengaged contacts, consider some sort of giveaway or contest to promote engagement. Provide clients with an incentive to complete various actions. You can enter them into a drawing for a free starbucks card if they follow you on social media. Or you could give them a coupon for a free consultation of a specified length of time, in exchange for clicking a link or following you. Just remember that a giveaway will only bring clients back in for a one-time service unless you ensure they have a great experience with you. In other words, you must follow giveaways up with a meaningful, permanent action for them to be effective.

If your law firm has disengaged contacts on your email list, contact us for help improving your email marketing strategies or planning effective re-engagement campaigns to win back previously engaged clients and prospects.


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