Law Firm Website Landing PageCrafting the perfect law firm landing page requires some research, knowledge and effort. Your landing page is often the first impression a potential client has of your firm and its attorneys.  A landing page, which is created for your advertising campaign, should grab your audience’s attention in a way that influences them to continue navigating through your law firm’s website. To help you create the perfect landing page for your law firm, keep the following design and technical elements in mind.

A Compelling Headline with Keywords

All of your law firm’s landing pages should have a compelling headline that includes your target keyword. You want the headline to highlight a value proposition or benefit. It should also be related to the landing page copy.

A Sub-Heading with Compelling Service-Related Information

The sub-heading should follow the headline and be equally compelling. It should complement your headline and give visitors additional details that convince them to explore the rest of the page.

An Image or Video

It is extremely valuable to include an image or video on your landing page. Ensure you choose imagery that is relevant to your headline, sub-heading, and services. If you opt for a video, you can engage visitors with information such as what hiring a lawyer involves. Search engines value videos because they see them as high-quality content.  Therefore, embedding videos on your law firm landing page can work wonders for your search engine optimization (SEO).

Introductory Information to the Firm

The perfect law firm landing page conveys a clear overview of your practice and what you have to offer. As such, include some brief text about the practice area or focus of the firm. Just one or two sentences for each service is enough.

Information about the Lawyers

Your law firm landing page should also include brief information about some of the lawyers in your firm. Consider linking these sections to longer biographies and explanations of experience on dedicated About Us pages.

A Call to Action

Your landing page should always include a call to action as well as the tools needed to follow that CTA. This will almost always be via a form, prompting clients to fill out details for a free case evaluation or free consultation. Make sure your firm’s contact form fill isn’t too arduous or long as you want to make it fairly easy for a prospect to provide you with their information. Alternatively, it can be a live chat button, phone number, or email address for a free consultation.

A Thank You After the Form

Be sure to set up the landing page so that visitors will visit a thank-you page after filling out the form in the CTA. This lets you add more content and helps build a strong relationship with current or prospective clients.

Contact Info in the Header

Do not just rely on the call to action to make it easy for clients to contact your law firm. You should also ensure your law firm’s contact information is prominently displayed on your landing page, including your phone number right in the header. Ideally, include some text next to or under the number encouraging visitors to call for a free consultation.

Testimonials and Ratings

You should also set up your law firm landing page so positive testimonials and ratings are immediately visible. Ideally, these will go in the header or somewhere close to it. Try to include 5-star ratings since they offer information about your law firm’s reputation at a glance.

Trust Indicators

Include other elements that inspire trust on your landing page, as well. To do this, supplement the ratings and testimonials with a section showing off the law firm’s experience. Include figures like the years of experience and number of cases, as well as logos for any associations you are a member of.


In today’s digital-first world, it is imperative that the moment a client or prospect is directed to your law firm landing page, they are immediately impressed. A perfect law firm landing page should have all elements of design, functionality and information that drives prospects to interact and engage with your site. In essence, your firm’s landing page needs to act as a sales person for your law firm and needs to let potential clients know what to expect when they work with you.

If your firm’s online advertising campaign is not driving valuable leads or if you’re not generating much landing page traffic at all, contact us for assistance today.


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