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How your Law Firm Can Create a Lead Nurturing Strategy in 5 Steps

by Noreen Fishman • December 11th, 2020 • Digital Marketing | Blog

law firm lead nurturingLead nurturing is a set of activities that move a lead through the buyer’s journey by  building awareness, engaging, and educating them with valuable content, thereby creating relationships and building trust. This is critical because no matter how intrigued a prospect is, they are unlikely to convert right away. Because of this, law firms need to make a conscious effort to remain top of mind with all the leads in their CRM database. That way, when the time comes where contacts do need to hire a lawyer, your law firm is already on their mind and has proven its credibility and expertise.

The key components of a lead nurturing strategy are putting your prospects and clients at the center of your marketing strategy, anticipating their needs, and delivering content that resonates with them. There are 5 simple steps required to develop an impactful lead nurturing strategy for your law firm.

1. Define your target audience

First of all, it’s critical to have comprehensive knowledge on your target audience. Understanding their challenges, pain points, and behaviors will help you create content that resonates with them and provides value. Create client personas that document demographics of your audience and speak directly to their needs. It’s also a smart step to work with your business development team to determine marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads and determine which activities will best reach them. 

2. Create a client journey

After you’ve created a client persona, you want to document the ideal path that person would take from learning about your determining their need to hiring your firm. Knowing the steps your future clients will take will allow you to create content that meets them where they are. 

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3. Leverage a marketing automation tool

We highly suggest using a marketing automation tool and a CRM system to make the process of contacting leads easier. Such a system can help you to not only capture the lead’s information, but segment communication strategies and send them more targeted emails. Some tools will help you qualify leads or score them. If you don’t have a platform currently, you’ll want to seriously consider researching and choosing one. 

4. Send personalized, automated emails

Personalized email marketing is effective (and cost-effective!), and a study by Accenture found that 41% of consumers switched businesses due to a lack of personalization. With the help of a marketing automation tool, you can segment your audience to better tailor communications to them. You can also send emails based on contacts completing an activity such as visiting a certain web page or downloading a white paper. The higher the level of engagement a lead demonstrates, the higher their lead score should be and the more effort should go into the communications you send them. 

5. Retarget lead on social media or with Google Ads

While email is effective, it shouldn’t be your only method of reaching out to leads. Invest in paid ads that reach individuals who have interacted with your firm before. The modern client is present on multiple platforms, so why not grab their attention where they are? If a person has shown interest in your firm, retarget them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or with Google Ads. The platform you choose will be dependent on budget and target audience. If you’re targeting professionals, LinkedIn is a better platform than Instagram.


Lead nurturing is ultimately about getting the right message to the right people at the right time. It is a constantly evolving process that will become increasingly effective as you gain more information about your potential clients and the way that they engage with your law firm online.

We would love to help you put together a lead nurturing strategy that keeps your law firm top of mind with prospective clients. Reach out to us for help today.


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