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12 Tips on Marketing for a Law Firm

by Kevin Vermeulen • September 23rd, 2022 • Legal Marketing | Blog

If obtaining new business and contributing to your firm’s bottom line is part of your job, then you already know that digital marketing is crucial to growth. Digital marketing in all its forms is essential to appealing to the 4 billion global internet users. Effective digitalmarketing for a law firm marketing will help you to reach a larger audience, engage prospects, and turn prospects into leads. Here’s our latest list of tips to help when developing marketing for a law firm. 

Tips on Marketing for a Law Firm

1. Take the Time to Know Potential Clients

It’s critical to understand the people searching for your firm online. Many people know this but don’t really hold themselves accountable. Schedule time every month to perform research and discuss with your sales team. Your best content ideas will probably come directly from real clients and prospects. 

2. Match Content to Each Stage of the Client Journeymarketing for a law firm

Your advertising efforts will be more impactful if you match the content offered to particular moments in the buyers’ journey. For example, it doesn’t really make sense to target someone in the very early awareness stage with an offer for a consultation. Similarly, if someone is ready to meet with your attorneys, then just sending educational blog posts might not be a fit. 

3. Don’t Write Exclusively About Your Services

People don’t want to read promotional content selling your firm. This can be alienating to people who aren’t ready to engage your firm just yet. Take the time to learn about what people are truly interested in and what challenges they are trying to solve. Develop content that aligns those interests with what your firm offers. 

For a deeper dive into how to develop content that’ll interest prospects, check out this free eBook: The Law Firm Guide to Content Marketing eBook.

4. Focus on Client Satisfaction

Just obtaining new clients isn’t enough. A bulk of a law firm’s revenue is composed of repeat business. Rather than being focused on short-term client acquisition, look for new ways to delight clients throughout their relationship with your firm. Marketing should focus on generating demand as well as other client-centric campaigns. 

5. Make SEO an Integral Part of Your Content Strategy

A law firm should have thought leadership in order to build up credibility and share expertise. Along with blogging for those purposes, you should incorporate SEO elements whenever possible. Make SEO part of your topic selection and content writing process. 

6. Analyze Ad Performance Against the Big Picture

Review performance but keep context in mind. What is the overall journey someone is taking to get to the point where they see your ad? For example, in order to see Google Adwords, someone had to search for the keyword you chose. Then it would have to resonate and have them click, and then they would need to feel compelled by the landing page. If your ad isn’t performing well, then you need to see if there’s a disconnect between what someone is searching for, the messaging you are showing them, and the landing page

7. Pay More Attention to Backlinks

Backlinks are a major ranking factor for Google. They are important to building your online authority and reputation. As you create new content on relevant topics, share the content in as many ways as you can. Network with people in your industry and consistently track who is linking back to your content. This is something SEO experts often know, but neglect to spend time on. Recommit to a backlink strategy to improve your current content efforts. 

marketing for a law firm with backlinks

8. Stay Flexible

People’s preferences are constantly shifting. It’s important to be agile when developing marketing for a law firm and make changes as needed in order to connect with possible clients. For example, if your clients are very active on LinkedIn right now, make sure to invest properly in the platform. However, if a new platform emerges, you may need to make new campaigns in a new format. 

9. Keep Design Elements Cohesive

As you launch multi-channel campaigns, make sure that the design is consistent across each medium. Tie together creative elements and messaging so that there is a thread connecting everything throughout your campaign. 

10. Find Ways to be a Growth Leader

Traditionally, marketing has been responsible for attracting leads and then passing them off. But what happens once leads make it to the sales team? And then what happens as they move from a lead into an engagement? If you review the entire client lifecycle, chances are you’ll find places where digital marketing can add value. 

11. Personalize Content

Personalization will help to differentiate your content and create a more unique experience for clients. From email to an online portal experience, seek out ways to customize experiences for clients and prospects. There are a variety of tools available to help you personalize everything from dynamic web pages to social media advertising. 

12. Experiment

As you execute various campaigns, chances are you will see things that could be working better. Don’t be afraid to test, to try other ways, and to try new things. This is true for everything from internal processes to specific digital campaigns. For example, if your email programs aren’t getting the engagement that you hoped for, test out creative subject lines that could boost your open rates. 


There is no shortage of digital marketing strategies and tactics at your disposal when it comes to developing marketing for a law firm. These tips are a great place to start if you need to refresh your online marketing program. For more guidance in creating an omnichannel law firm digital marketing strategy, reach out to our team. We have years of experience helping law firms and legal companies execute and optimize digital marketing plans that generate leads.


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