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Digital Marketing Services For Law Firms

Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

An omnichannel law firm digital marketing strategy is the roadmap for what you want to accomplish and all the ways you’ll get there.
digital strategy for law firms
Digital marketing presents many opportunities to shine — but it’s also easy to fall through a rabbit hole of unnecessary and unsustainable initiatives and plans. The best course in developing a digital marketing strategy is to take reasonable steps in line with the realities of your business. Every step your law firm takes needs to focus on three things: raising your profile, building credibility in your areas of expertise, and reaching the right people with the right message.
How we do it
digital strategy for law firms

Digital Audit:

Your website is the hub of any digital marketing strategy. If that isn’t working well, nothing else will. We review your website and social media properties, and if need be, we help you get it up to speed before we explore digital channels.
digital strategy for law firms

In-depth SEO Analysis:

We evaluate where things stand today and how you compare to your main competitors. This may involve stakeholder interviews, focus groups and surveys.
digital strategy for law firms

Strategy Development:

Using internal and external data, we create a measurable, results-driven plan in line with best practices in digital marketing and social media and tailored to legal and professional services firms.
digital strategy for law firms

Program Execution:

We use the latest tools and platforms to make your strategy come to life.
digital strategy for law firms

Platform Management:

We continually monitor your visitors and followers through social media and web analytics and use that data to adjust the plan and stay on track with your objectives.

Good2bSocial is in a unique position. We understand the peculiarities of digital marketing and social media in the legal industry, and have extensive hands-on experience using the latest digital marketing technology. We are ready and more than able to solve your digital problems.

We also The Digital Marketing Certification Course for Law Firms. It is the only course on the market designed specifically for marketing professionals at law firms. Students who graduate the 8-week online course will walk away with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing. Learn more.