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Twitter Best Practices for Lawyers: How to Enhance Engagement

There are currently 328 million users active on Twitter, however most of those users are not lawyers. Part of the reason most lawyers are not on Twitter is that most lawyers do not understand the benefits of being active on Twitter. Twitter Best Practices for Lawyers Although this platform can sometimes seem like the wild […]

How Can Law Firm Marketers Use Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists help you manage your time, organize your feed and stay current on a certain topic or industry. We have written in the past about some basic ways lawyers and legal marketers can use Twitter to raise awareness of their services, strategically grow their networks and position themselves as thought leaders in their areas of […]

10 Easy Tips to Help Lawyers Improve Their LinkedIn Profile

How can Lawyers improve their LinkedIn profile? Any lawyer who hopes to attract new clients, be known as a thought leader in their area of practice or benefit from their professional network need to learn how to improve their LinkedIn profile and insure that their profile is the best it can be. The $18 billion social network reigns supreme […]

H2H Marketing – Why Lawyers Need to Be Humans Too

We came across a very interesting article recently about changes in the world of marketing.  In a blog post on Social Media Today, Bryan Kramer makes a case for the obliteration of the distinction between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to- consumer (B2C) marketing. Instead, Kramer argues, today it is all about human-to- human or H2H marketing. […]

How to get lawyers to use social media ?

We are very pleased by the strong interest in The Social Law Firm Index and the white paper we recently published. We’ve heard from many firms – those who ranked well as well as those who did not; we’ve also heard from many small and mid-sized firms not covered by the scope of the initial survey.   And the […]