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LinkedIn Pages: New Features for Legal Professionals

by Daniel Lopez • April 17th, 2024 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn, the quintessential platform for business connections and professional networking, has continually evolved its features to cater to the dynamic needs of the corporate world. For law firms, legal marketers, and attorneys, LinkedIn is not just another social network; it’s a robust tool that can shape their professional footprint and relationships. In recent years, the LinkedIn Pages platform has witnessed significant revamps, making it even more critical for the legal community to stay on top of these changes. Here’s an in-depth look at the cutting-edge features legal professionals should harness, propelling their practices into the digital avant-garde.

Introduction to LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Pages are the digital face of an organization on LinkedIn, where law firms can share their brand story, engage with their audience, and further their professional goals. It’s crucial for law firms and attorneys to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn for several reasons:

  • Networking with potential clients and partners
  • Establishing thought leadership in their legal niche
  • Attracting top talent in the industry
  • Staying updated with industry trends and news

In the competitive legal landscape, LinkedIn is a powerful stage to showcase expertise and build credibility. The latest features rolled out for LinkedIn Pages offer an even more enhanced experience.

The Evolution of LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Pages have come a long way from being a mere profile page to a sophisticated hub for professional content. Over time, LinkedIn has understood and leveraged its unique position as the go-to platform for professional networking. With each update, LinkedIn Pages have solidified their status as not just a place to broadcast corporate messages but also a platform that nurtures interactive relationships.

The platform’s historical progression is steeped in the dedication to present genuine and engaging content to its user base. This has become even more evident as the latest Page features focus on personalization and user-centric experiences.

New Features Overview

Featured Posts

Among the most exciting updates is the ability to feature up to three posts directly on your Page. This implies that law firms can curate the most important updates, accolades, or insights and pin them prominently on their Page. This is in addition to the existing ability to pin a post atop your Page’s feed. The strategic use of Featured Posts can significantly enhance thought leadership and brand visibility.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored Articles on LinkedIn offer law firms an unparalleled opportunity to share their content with a precisely targeted audience. This platform’s unique feature provides granular control, ensuring that legal professionals’ content is directly showcased to the most pertinent LinkedIn members, significantly enhancing engagement and conversion potential. 

With the native-to-LinkedIn format, Sponsored Articles bring your content closer to your target audience in a seamless and integrated manner. LinkedIn Articles, featuring a unique LinkedIn URL, can be published directly by your LinkedIn Page or authored by thought leaders, including both employees and member creators.

These insightful articles can be easily sponsored through the Boost flow in LinkedIn Pages or via single-image ad campaigns in Campaign Manager, making it simpler than ever to connect with your desired audience. Concerned about not having existing article content to promote? Explore the Content Library in Campaign Manager (CMT) to find a relevant LinkedIn Article written by a thought leader and request permission to sponsor it. Alternatively, if you have blog posts on your company website, you can copy these posts to your organization’s LinkedIn Page as Articles and boost them to amplify your reach.

This strategic approach not only places your content directly in front of key LinkedIn members but also leverages the power of thought leadership and original content to drive up engagement and potential for conversion, making Sponsored Articles a valuable tool for law firms aiming to increase their visibility and impact on LinkedIn.

Pages Messaging

The Pages Messaging feature heralds a new era of brand engagement on LinkedIn, paving the way for one-on-one conversations between the firm and LinkedIn members. This capability is crucial for client acquisition, retention, and reputation management. With a keen focus on building online communities, LinkedIn is introducing new tools tailored for this purpose. Pages Messaging, now available to all companies, empowers members to initiate contact with organizations via a Message button on their Page. This addition equips admins to engage in direct conversations through a dedicated inbox for Pages, facilitating personal interaction.

Job candidates, clients, prospects, and influencers can directly reach out to brands through Pages Messaging, meeting the growing demand for brands to be responsive and accessible. At a time when audiences expect immediate engagement, this update enables your brand to efficiently respond. Conversations are initiated by members, ensuring that only super or content admins of your Page can reply, maintaining a controlled and meaningful exchange.

Competitor Analytics

LinkedIn’s dive into Competitor Analytics has revealed a wealth of strategic insights, making marketing decisions more competitive. By analyzing competing firms directly on LinkedIn, law firms gain a clearer understanding of their competitive landscape, enabling them to make informed, proactive marketing strategies.

This feature provides follower metrics, giving insights into a Page’s followers over time, including total followers and new ones gained. This information is key to understanding a competitor’s reach, growth, and engagement success. Additionally, the tool offers organic content metrics, helping law firms see how often competitors post and the impact of their content. This is crucial for refining content strategies based on competitor actions and market trends. A standout feature is the ability to spot trending competitor posts, updating daily on the top original posts from the past 30 days. This lets law firms quickly see what content engages their target audience, allowing timely adjustments to their content strategies.

In summary, LinkedIn’s Competitor Analytics provides a robust set of tools for deep, actionable insights. From follower growth and content impact to spotting trending topics, it equips firms with the data needed for sharper, more competitive marketing strategies.

Newsletter Analytics

LinkedIn has further enhanced its suite of analytics with the introduction of comprehensive tools to monitor Newsletter performance. Understanding and optimizing the reach and impact of LinkedIn Newsletters is crucial for law firms looking to engage their audience consistently. With the new Newsletter analytics, brands can now:

  • Trends: Track the performance of their newsletters by observing the fluctuations in article views and subscriber numbers. This comparative data helps in identifying patterns and adjusting content strategies accordingly.
  • Article Totals: Gain detailed insights on how many impressions, engagements, and views each newsletter edition is receiving. This level of detail aids in understanding what content resonates most with their audience.
  • Subscriber Demographics: Through a convenient dropdown menu, firms can dissect their audience demographics, analyzing subscribers based on job titles, companies, company sizes, seniority levels, and geographic locations. Such insights are invaluable for tailoring content and marketing efforts.
  • New Subscribers: Access a chronological list of new subscribers to gauge recent growth. The platform also provides prompts to directly engage with these new followers through following, connecting, or messaging, fostering stronger relationships right from the newsletter platform.

By leveraging these analytics, legal professionals can refine their content strategy, making every newsletter more impactful and aligned with their audience’s interests and needs.

The Impact on SEO and Traffic

LinkedIn’s latest features can play a pivotal role in boosting a law firm’s online visibility and directing relevant traffic to its website.

Enhanced Online Visibility

By carefully selecting an optimal mix of Featured Posts and Sponsored Articles, a company can significantly improve its visibility and ranking in search results. This approach is effective not only within the LinkedIn platform but also on external search engines, enhancing the firm’s overall online presence and reach. This strategy can lead to increased traffic, engagement, and ultimately, business growth.

Valuable Traffic

The engagement generated by LinkedIn Pages is a powerful tool, capable of translating into high-quality traffic for your website. Law firms, in particular, stand to gain significantly from this dynamic. By consistently offering valuable content and insights through their LinkedIn presence, these firms can not only enhance their brand visibility but also expect a noticeable uptick in website visits. These aren’t just any visitors, but genuinely interested individuals who are more likely to engage with the firm’s services, thanks to the credibility and trust built through their LinkedIn activities.


The new features on LinkedIn Pages are tailor-made for the legal community, offering innovative avenues for networking, brand building, and lead generation. The call to action for law firms, attorneys, and legal marketers is clear – it’s time to fully capitalize on these tools. Investing in LinkedIn is investing in the digital future of the legal profession. Ready to level up your LinkedIn game? Reach out to us if your firm needs help improving your presence or developing your own strategy on LinkedIn.


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