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How the LinkedIn Campaign Manager Update Affects Law Firms

by Guy Alvarez • August 29th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn Campaign Manager UpdateYour law firm likely uses LinkedIn as part of your digital marketing strategy to enable you to reach and engage with your target audience. To make the most of LinkedIn, however, you need to stay up to date with the latest updates and changes.  In its most recent  change, the LinkedIn Campaign Manager update, LinkedIn announced an important change that all law firms need to be aware of.

 The LinkedIn Campaign Manager is part of the advertising platform on LinkedIn, which enables your firm to increase your reach and micro target your audience.  Below we list our the changes in the new LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

The new Brand Awareness feature from LinkedIn gives your firm the ability to increase shares of “your voice” on LinkedIn. This feature is a campaign option for your top of funnel marketing tactics. Payment for this feature is in the form of a price per impression. The cost comes in terms of thousands of impressions or CPM.

Improved Integration With Website Conversion Tracking

Another useful update to LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager platform is the improved ability to engage in website conversions. The Campaign Manager platform now has tighter integration with the various conversion tracking tools. This integration makes it possible for your law firm to develop campaigns with conversions in mind. Specifically, you can optimize a campaign for a particular action that takes place on your law firm’s website. Examples of actions that you can optimize include downloads, purchases, and event registrations. 

LinkedIn Talent Solutions Ads

Those who use LinkedIn Talent Solutions to source new talent and recruiting, can now also utilize the Campaign Manager platform with ease. It enables your HR or recruitment team at your law firm to run ads that will improve the quality and quantity of applications. Those ads should result in more finished job applications, and you can set it up, so those applications get sent to either your website or LinkedIn.

Optimized Pricing for Clicks

In addition to the above changes, LinkedIn is also optimizing the pay-per-click pricing, so it better meets the objectives of your law firm. If, for example, your objective is to achieve more “website visits,” you will only have to pay for clicks that bring visitors to your website. If your goal is social engagement, you will pay for any social engagement with the ad, such as shares, comments or likes.


The LinkedIn Campaign Manager update enable law firms to improve their results when creating and executing paid LinkedIn campaigns. These new features supplement other LinkedIn updates over the past year and seem to line up perfectly with the network’s goal of creating an ad platform that is objective-based. For your law firm, this means that you have better tools at your disposal. If you need assistance with setting up and optimizing online paid social campaigns or questions about how to maximize the return on investment of your paid LinkedIn campaigns feel free to reach out to us for help.


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