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5 Noteworthy Law Firm LinkedIn Pages

by Talia Schwartz • December 13th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

Law Firm LinkedIn PagesLinkedIn has more than 660 million users in over 200 countries, making it the most popular business social networking platform worldwide. LinkedIn is unique in that its audience is educated, affluent, and already in a professional setting. The online professional network is a must-have for law firms seeking to build brand awareness, cultivate relationships, and position themselves as thought leaders.

With the right approach, LinkedIn offers true business development opportunities for law firms. With direct access to new business contacts, more and more firms are taking advantage of the network’s vast opportunities to attract and delight new clients and referral sources. In fact, Hootsuite reports that 80 percent of B2B leads generated online come from LinkedIn. To help your firm amp up its LinkedIn presence, we’ve gathered 5 noteworthy law firm LinkedIn pages we believe to be excellent examples of law firm social media done well.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie’s LinkedIn page earned it the #1 LinkedIn rating in the 2019 Social Law Firm Index. Coming in at over 211,000 followers, the firm once again boasts the highest number of LinkedIn followers out of the Am Law 200 firms surveyed in the Social Law Firm Index. This impressive number of followers is not what earned them the top ranking, however. As LinkedIn has evolved and grown, so too has Baker McKenzie’s approach to the business networking site. 

McKenzie presents a multidimensional approach to the platform and has made their page look as organized and put-together as any website. The firm is active, posting about three times per day with a high proportion of non-promotional content. Rather than treating the platform solely as a channel, the firm approaches LinkedIn as a destination, with campaigns specifically produced for the platform. They’ve created a series of videos featuring conversations between partners, clients, and speakers, all discussing the future of work. They quote and tag their own clients and employees, showcasing the relationship-building part of business in a way that is authentic and genuine, not just a self-promotional plug. Their user base is highly engaged, and you’ll notice that those posts with real people achieve a higher amount of engagement versus just posts leading to a blog.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper’s well-developed presence on LinkedIn has garnered the global firm over 140,000 followers. DLA does a great job at conveying the firm’s values and brand proposition through the content they share and with through their compelling “about us” section, which includes keywords relevant to their practice areas and value offerings. Having a completed company page with keywords makes the firm more discoverable to users searching for information surrounding their practice areas. Another key aspect of DLA’s distinguished strategy is their consistent use of 1-2 hashtags per post, which provides more opportunity for users to discover their content. DLA consistently uses elements of their visual branding in every one of their posts, which does favors when it comes to brand recognition.

Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells uses LinkedIn to its fullest potential, consistently posting a range of educational content in the form of articles and video. Lovells does an excellent job promoting the individual attorneys at the firm, showcasing their highlights, stories and accomplishments. They are humanizing their brand with an array of content that includes quotes from real employees as well as client-centric content that is geared towards helping solve client problems. Lovells’ posts include all of the right elements that help them achieve a good amount of engagement. They’re consistently tagging their employees, including key takeaways in the copy descriptions that lead back to informative blog content, and they’re properly utilizing hashtags.

Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright’s LinkedIn page is truly global and their page is a prime example of how tailoring content to a business-minded audience does not have to be dry. The firm makes a concerted effort to talk about the topics and trends that matter to their clients’ business with content that informs and educates. They’re posting about trends in a range of industries, from cannabis to sports law, regularly highlighting this content in their podcast and Q&A series. Norton Rose’s LinkedIn page offers content from every corner of the world, offering something for each of their specific target audiences. 

Helping to boost their brand’s reputation, Norton Rose Fulbright’s employees advocate for the brand on their personal pages as well. They do this by sharing the firm’s hashtag #lawaroundtheworld. Firm hashtags are an easy way for firms to showcase company culture and community.

White & Case

White & Case has adopted a video-heavy content strategy on LinkedIn. The video strategy involves showcasing their own attorneys discussing topics ranging from industry updates to highlighting the firm’s diversity. White & Case’s employee videos humanize the brand and draw in their followers’ attention. Their posts drive impressive engagement statistics on the platform, with hundreds and often times thousands of videos views. Not only do users prefer to engage with rich media on LinkedIn, but the platform’s algorithm shows preferential treatment to native video posts. Video earns an average of three times the engagement of all other posts on LinkedIn.

Particularly notable and unique to White & Case is the firm’s own hashtag, #togetherwemakeamark. The hashtag is frequently used on the company page and by the firm’s lawyers and other staff when posting on their personal pages. Truly exemplary of how hashtags on LinkedIn can help to build a community.


These noteworthy law firm LinkedIn pages have a few things in common. Their well-developed presence is owed to their consistent, thoughtful, and informative content. We see authenticity behind the posts that are shared daily. When speaking with the big firms, we learned that LinkedIn training sessions and workshops to inform the employees and attorneys on best practices are ubiquitous.

We hope our analysis helps your firm’s own strategy on LinkedIn, and has inspired you to think more creatively when posting content. Reach out to us if your firm needs help improving your presence or developing your own strategy on LinkedIn.

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