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How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter for Your Law Firm’s Company Page

by Guy Alvarez • June 6th, 2024 • Content Marketing, Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn continues to enhance several features on its already robust platform, including Newsletters. While Newsletters are not entirely new to the platform, 2024 has seen significant improvements and expanded options. Newsletters for business pages are serialized long-form content that followers can subscribe to. This option remains a smart way to modernize the traditional e-newsletter approach for social media. Here’s how to create a LinkedIn newsletter for law firms using the latest features.

LinkedIn Newsletters for Law Firms

LinkedIn has expanded “Articles for Pages” with additional Newsletter capabilities that allow organizations to create and publish more dynamic long-form content. For law firms aiming to increase engagement with followers and achieve a wider reach, Newsletters continue to be a powerful tool. By creating these Newsletters, firms can generate subscriptions to recurring articles with relevant and engaging subject matter.

The evolution of LinkedIn’s article feature into a more robust Newsletter platform allows creators to maintain visibility and connect with followers on subjects they are passionate about. LinkedIn’s goal is to help its audience stay current on important topics and conversations through content created by industry professionals and brands they follow. This enhanced connection with followers on specific subjects further solidifies a firm’s presence and expertise in the field.

A Newsletter makes the most sense for creators who focus on authentic, high-quality content. Long gone are the days when high-level updates or well-known news would generate significant traction. Instead, if you have an interest in highlighting real stories or offering insights into your firm, you are well-suited to create a Newsletter. The key to success lies in organic content creation – growth and interaction with your audience will naturally follow if the content provides value.

How LinkedIn Newsletters Work

All LinkedIn members have the ability to create a newsletter about their expertise and interests. To create a newsletter, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Click Write article – Start by clicking the Write article option in the share box near the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Step 2: Manage Publishing Options – Click the Manage dropdown near the upper right. Alternatively, click the dropdown next to your name on the upper left to choose whether you want to publish the article as yourself (personal profile), Super admin, or Content admin of a LinkedIn Page. You can also choose if you want to publish it as an Individual article or to a newsletter (if applicable).
  • Step 3: Select ‘Create newsletter’ – If you have access to newsletters, you’ll see the Create newsletter option here. Choose this option.
  • Step 4: Fill Required Information – Complete all the required details in the Create a newsletter pop-up window and click Done.

Here are a few updated tips from LinkedIn for creating compelling newsletters:

  • Use a name that clearly articulates the content focus of the Newsletter. 
  • Include your logo and a cover photo for every article. 
  • Keep headlines concise and direct. 
  • As you share the Newsletter, engage followers by adding a question or a few lines of commentary.

Take note of the custom Newsletter link that LinkedIn creates. You can use this to promote your Newsletter on LinkedIn and across other social media platforms.

Benefits of LinkedIn Newsletters

Leveraging LinkedIn Newsletters provides numerous advantages for law firms seeking to enhance their engagement and reach on social media. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:

  1. Building a Regularly Engaged Audience: By consistently publishing high-quality newsletters, firms can cultivate a loyal subscriber base. LinkedIn members who find your articles valuable will subscribe to your newsletter, ensuring a regular readership and steady engagement with your content.
  2. Instant Audience Engagement: Once you publish a newsletter edition, LinkedIn notifies all your connections or followers right away. These push notifications ensure that your audience is aware of and can immediately access your latest content, driving higher views and interactions.
  3. Easy Content Discovery and Sharing: All LinkedIn members can discover, read, and share newsletters. This broadens the reach of your content, as subscribers can easily share your articles with their network, further amplifying your message and potentially attracting new followers.
  4. Real-Time Feedback and Analytics: LinkedIn provides tools to track the performance of your newsletters. You can analyze real-time feedback, comments, and engagement metrics to understand how well your content is resonating with your audience and make data-driven adjustments for future editions.
  5. Personalized Subscriber Notifications: When a member follows another member or a page that has a newsletter, LinkedIn automatically sends an invitation to subscribe. Subscribers also receive notifications and emails about new editions, enhancing the visibility and reach of your content.
  6. Professional Networking and Visibility: Newsletters allow you to highlight your expertise and thought leadership in your industry. Subscribers can see your newsletter subscriptions and authorship on your profile, which can bolster your professional reputation and visibility among peers and potential clients

Starting a newsletter on LinkedIn means you’ll engage your audience from the minute you publish. LinkedIn makes it easy to invite all your connections or followers to subscribe when you create a newsletter. Also, after publishing each newsletter edition, push, in-app, and email notifications are sent to all your subscribers to help drive views. You’ll get real-time feedback and comments from your readers, and you can understand how your content is doing with analytics. 


LinkedIn Newsletters are similar to email marketing in many ways, and this content option offers the best of both worlds (social media and email). With LinkedIn newsletters for law firms, you can grow and strengthen your following and create a new subscriber base. By focusing on specific target segments with serialized subject matter,  you can significantly extend the reach of your firm’s content.

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