LinkedIn has recently enhanced several features on its already robust platform, including Newsletters. Newsletters for business pages are serialized long-form content that followers can subscribe to. This option is a smart way to modernize the traditional e-newsletter approach for social media. Here’s how you can create a LinkedIn newsletter for law firms. 

LinkedIn Newsletters for Law Firms

LinkedIn recently expanded “Articles for Pages” with a Newsletter option that allows organizations to create and publish long-linkedin newsletter for law firmsform content. For law firms with goals of better engagement with followers and achieving a wider reach, Newsletters can be a powerful tool. By creating these Newsletters, firms can generate subscriptions to recurring articles with relevant subject matter.

LinkedIn has always had an article feature, and the Newsletter capability came naturally from that. According to LinkedIn, the idea is to help their audience stay up to date on topics and conversations that are important to them through content created by others they’ve connected with and brands they follow. This also allows Newsletter creators to connect with followers on subjects they want to be known for. 

A Newsletter makes the most sense for creators who are able to focus on authentic, high-quality content. The truth is that sharing high-level updates or well-known news isn’t likely to generate a lot of traction. If you have an interest in highlighting real stories or showing what’s “behind the curtain” at your firm, then you might be a good candidate for creating a Newsletter. Newsletters should come from an organic place – not simply seeking to grow your audience. Growing and interacting with your audience will come naturally if you provide value. 

How LinkedIn Newsletters Work

Getting started with LinkedIn Newsletters for law firms is pretty easy. There are three simple steps: 

  1. Creation – Begin writing an article and select “Create a Newsletter”. 
  2. Publishing – Once you decide to publish, your Newsletter will post to your feed and all of your followers will be notified. 
  3. Performance review – After you publish, review the analytics of each edition sent in order to assess the number of subscribers (and then optimize). 

As mentioned, Newsletters will work best if you actively create interesting content. When someone reads an article published on your LinkedIn page, your hope is that they want to be kept up to date with similar content. In those cases, they can subscribe to your LinkedIn Newsletter. Then, as you create new articles on those topics, subscribers will receive an automatic one-time notification. From there they can even choose to opt-in to receiving further email and LinkedIn notifications when your firm publishes new material. 

The specific steps for creating a LinkedIn Newsletter are: 

1. Go to the Creator hub (in the Resources section of your LinkedIn business page) and see if the Newsletters feature is turned on (it will show as “available”).

Newsletters should be an option for you if your page has:

  • A minimum of 150 followers or connections
  • Shared original content recently
  • Agreed to adhere to LinkedIn’s professional community policies

2. At the top of your LinkedIn page, click “Write an article”. Create your content and then click “Create a Newsletter”.

Here are a few tips offered by LinkedIn on creating compelling newsletters:

  • Use a name that clearly articulates the content focus of the Newsletter. 
  • Include your logo and a cover photo for every article. 
  • Keep headlines concise and direct. 
  • As you share the Newsletter, engage followers by adding a question or a few lines of commentary.

3. Make note of the custom Newsletter link that LinkedIn creates. You can use this to promote your Newsletter on LinkedIn and other platforms. 


LinkedIn Newsletters are similar to email marketing in many ways, and this content option offers the best of both worlds (social media and email). With LinkedIn newsletters for law firms, you can grow and strengthen your following and create a new subscriber base. By focusing on specific target segments with serialized subject matter,  you can significantly extend the reach of your firm’s content.

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