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How Legal Marketers Can Optimize Their LinkedIn Company Page for 2023

by Guy Alvarez • April 5th, 2023 • Social Media | Blog

A new year presents new challenges and new opportunities. That’s true in all areas of business, but it’s particularly accurate in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing. Have you considered updating your law firm’s LinkedIn company page to better generate leads in 2023? Keep reading for twenty tactics to optimize your law firm’s LinkedIn company page and content to increase professional networking and lead capabilities. 

1. Optimize Your Law Firm’s LinkedIn Company Page for Optional Dark Mode

Several other channels have already announced a dark mode option, and LinkedIn has followed suit. It’s particularly important to ensure that your logo and images display properly. You should preview and update all of your images for both modes, even if LinkedIn’s dark mode rollout hasn’t reached you yet. Try to: 

  • Avoid transparent backgrounds. Using editing software, change the logo or image background color from light to dark (or vice versa) to view your logo in both modes. You want your logo to look the same to viewers no matter which version they use. 
  • Add borders to the images you use. If images have white or black backgrounds, they might not appear as you want them to. Consider using a photo editing app to add borders around them. 

2. Update Your LinkedIn Banner Image

Your LinkedIn company page’s banner image is one of the first things visitors to your page will notice. If you haven’t given much thought to it in a while, chances are you need to update it. We suggest using relevant images that highlight new things to share (for example, upcoming events or the latest social proof such as a client quote). 

3. Make Sure Your Tagline and CTA Button Are Aligned

As we mentioned, the banner image is one of the most compelling factors of your page. But are you using that graphic in conjunction with other page elements to drive action? Here are some tips: 

  • Use a tagline that helps with SEO. This tagline has the potential to make a big impact on search engine results and display if you use keywords
  • In the latest edition of LinkedIn, you can pick from five custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons: Learn More, Visit Website, Contact Us, Register, and Sign Up. 

4. Engage as Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn allows company pages to join conversations by sharing content and news. You can find content to share by going to the content tab in your company page’s main menu. You can look in the Company News tab, the Employee News tab, or the Trending Articles tab to find material worth sharing. Then click the Share button and write a caption to share your insights. After publishing, make sure to come back and respond to comments and engagement.

5. Optimize Your Page’s About Us Section

Your ‘About Us’ section should be fully filled out and optimized. Make sure to include a paragraph about your firm, easy to follow contact info like address and phone number, a call to action with a link they can use, and keywords that will help you get found easily.

6. Leverage Polls

You can always post questions as text, but if you create a poll you can get real answers that provide true insights. You can even make the fourth answer option a fill-in-the-blank for more valuable information. 

7. Host Events

If your company has embraced live streaming, you might be tempted to rely on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is a great match for reaching your B2B audience. LinkedIn Live ​​​​lets you host events and connect with customers by live-streaming from your company page. Even if you’re hosting an event in person or over zoom, you can also post the event to your LinkedIn page where it will live in the sidebar. This will create a special event page for the event where you can make posts directly to those that have registered.

8. Publish Articles

Articles are an essential part of building thought leadership. Only individuals used to have this option, but in 2023 companies can publish articles as well. Sharing articles on industry news or emerging trends is an integral part of a successful LinkedIn strategy. 

9. Leverage Hashtags to Their Fullest Potential

Though hashtags are not as popular on LinkedIn as other social media platforms, they can still be very helpful for following trending topics or joining important conversations. Your LinkedIn hashtag strategy should be comprehensive and well thought out. Always make sure to use only three hashtags and use mostly niche hashtags that pertain to your audience but nothing that is so niche it won’t garner attention. Check out this post on hashtag research for more guidance.

10. Take Advantage of the “Notify Employees” Link

Whether you write articles, share links, or publish videos from your page, it’s important to take action to gain more attention. To get started, on any company page post, click the “Notify Employees” link. Then LinkedIn will immediately alert your employees to new company page content. Encourage your staff to ​​react to, comment on, or share your post with their followers to increase reach.

11. Access Better Analytics

You can use LinkedIn data to learn more about your followers and competitors, but you have to know where to look. Start by opening your company page and clicking the “Analytics” drop-down menu. This information will allow you to: 

  • Get to know your followers. Use LinkedIn’s basic follower metrics to track items like growth. Look at follower demographics to sort by job function, seniority, industry, or location.
  • Analyze key competitors. You can compare up to nine competitors to see how your page measures up. Find follower and organic content metrics to see how your performance compares to other firms. 

You should also leverage third-party tools to look at more granular data on your LinkedIn page like sessions from LinkedIn, the bounce rate of LinkedIn sessions, impressions, clicks, engagement over time, etc. You should track these metrics every week and month to month so you can stay on top of changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

For more info on how to leverage analytics to improve your page, check out this complimentary eBook: A Law Firm Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

12. Start a Newsletter

LinkedIn newsletters are one of LinkedIn’s latest features, just added last year. You can set your newsletter up so you can publish daily, weekly, or monthly. This is a great opportunity to position your firm as a thought leader, share new and exciting content, and engage with your audience in a deeper way with more long form content.

13. Create Infographics

LinkedIn appreciates when company pages use their LinkedIn-specific features. As we mentioned, LinkedIn documents posts are a great way to share longer pieces of content, but since this format allows for PDF uploads, you can also use it to share visuals too. Consider creating infographics and sharing them on LinkedIn. This would be a string of PDF graphics that share informative content with your audience.

14. Use a Showcase Page

Showcase pages are sub-pages on LinkedIn that are attached to your company page but allow you to create posts that will live on a different feed, rather than your main one. This is a great way to post about specific topics, like careers, or market to a specific segment of your audience.

15. Leverage Ads

LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms for advertising for law firms. Consider setting up ad campaigns to generate leads, create brand awareness, or market an upcoming event.

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16. Use Rich Media

Always include a photo, video, graphic or some kind of visual with each post. Ensure these visuals align with your branding and include your logo if possible

17. Post External Links

It’s great to share your own content on social media, but LinkedIn is meant to be a hub of conversation. Find relevant links from non-competitor industry sources and share them to your page with your own analyses. This will position you as a thought leader and help you appear relatable rather than promotional.

18. Keep Content Educational

As we mentioned above, your posts should be educational in nature, not overly promotional. Audiences today suffer from digital fatigue and are numb to anything that appears to be an ad. So, if you share your content, make sure your caption focuses on its educational nature and your own insights, rather than simply saying this is our latest blog.

19. Use the Content Suggestion Tool

LinkedIn offers its own content suggestion tool based on what your followers are interested in. This allows you to quickly see what articles and topics your audience is into.

20. Boost Posts

You can easily improve the reach of any of your posts by ‘boosting’ them. This will instantly turn any organic post into a paid post.


Your LinkedIn company page can help you accomplish a variety of goals, such as generating leads and increasing thought leadership. As the platform continues to grow, LinkedIn offers new features to better help you to achieve these goals. Start by implementing these tips with your LinkedIn company page in order to be ready for a successful 2023. If you’re looking to learn more about social media best practices and what’s in store for 2023, download our annual report on social media and digital marketing in the legal industry, the Social Law Firm Index.

This post has been edited and republished from Dec. 16, 2021.


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