law firm's podcastMarketing your law firm in today’s noisy digital environment requires a layered strategy. Blogs, webinars, infographics, and videos, sending out newsletters, social media, organic and paid SEO – it all has value. But what about podcasting?

Podcasting is another great way to generate leads while providing value to your current and potential customers. But before you dive in, let’s look at what you need to do to be prepared. Hint – there’s a little bit more to it than simply having a topic!

Podcasting tip #1: It’s a performance

Podcasts can include video, but most are in an audio-only format. This means that your host needs to be interesting enough that they can get through the topic without losing the audience along the way.

Your ultimate goal is to get people to listen to the end of the piece. Who is going to be the voice of your law firm’s podcast? Choose a person that is good on the microphone; someone who has passion about the topics you are going to cover, someone who can tell a story or elicit excitement in others.

If you can achieve this and capture your audience’s attention, you will have gained their trust. This will make every other marketing effort you engage in that much more significant.

Podcasting tip #2: Be relatable

A podcast that is filled with jargon and glossed-over information that you covered in a previous episode will alienate listeners quickly. Don’t assume that the audience will understand. Use metaphors and anecdotal storytelling to illustrate the point. Put your listeners in the driver’s seat while you navigate. Think of it as a journey.

Podcasting tip #3: Ask the right questions

If your podcast will include guests and interviews with subject matter experts, be sure you are asking the right questions to ensure a compelling episode. Put your guest at ease, but shy away from generalities. Ask for examples, stories, details, and direct the discussion towards a climax. This will ensure that your listeners keep on listening to the end of the show – so they can discover the answers that you are so uniquely qualified to give.

Podcasting tip #4: Include a Call to Action

The primary purpose of a podcast is to attract an audience and educate them on topics that you’re an expert in. However, in order to ensure your podcasts are beneficial for your firm as well – include a call to action at the end of each interview. The goal of each type of content your law firm produces is to guide your prospects and clients through the buyer’s journey. Whether you ask listeners to subscribe to your law firm’s podcast, inform them on where to find more valuable information, or invite them to download additional content – always let them know what to do next.

In closing, these are just a handful of podcasting tips, but they should get you thinking about what it will take to produce a compelling podcast series. A popular podcast can elevate your marketing efforts across a range of channels, so it’s a viable consideration.

Do you have someone in your organization who would make a great podcast host, but aren’t sure how to get started? Contact us for help with planning, producing, and promoting your law firm’s podcast.

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