guests for your law firm's podcastWhen it comes to your law firm, your expertise is your product. Along with blogs, thought leadership papers, and videos, podcasts are a great way to highlight your knowledge and assure potential clients of your credibility. Creating a podcast with a loyal following is easier said than done, however. While there are several factors that will create a successful podcast, there is none more important than the quality of your podcast guests. Obtaining diverse and interesting guests whose expertise and values align with your own is essential – but often overlooked. Here’s our advice on how to land great guests to appear on your law firm’s podcast. 

Podcasts are a great medium for lawyers to promote themselves and their expertise as listeners have been shown to be the most loyal and engaged audience of any digital medium.  According to eMarketer, 76.4 million people in the US will listen to podcasts this year. As you brainstorm which guests to invite onto your firm’s podcast, look at the theme and goals of your podcast and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the guests’s goals align with yours?
  • Do they have particular information that applies to your theme?
  • Think about the subject matter – are you looking at a particular legal issue or discussing a critical matter?
  • Who can add to dialogue in a way that complements your thoughts?

It’s also critical to consider the reach of guests. Do they have a large following, and are they engaged? If so, that can provide a big boost to your podcast program.

Lastly, you’ll want to create a working list of potential guests. If you have an influencer list, that’s a great place to start. You also want to compile a list of any experts you’ve interviewed recently. A great way to manage this working list is a spreadsheet that includes items like a name, position, subject matter expertise, and social profiles. You might also make note of individuals who would have their own reasons for being a guest on a podcast – perhaps a new book to promote. Narrow the list down to 3 to 5 names, and start reaching out!

How to reach out to your potential guests:

Before you invite guests onto your law firm’s podcast, you should be engaged with the guest on social media (or at the very least, following them). Check on that first. Sometimes it makes sense to position the invitation as reciprocal – maybe there is content that you can create for their blog, for example. This is also an opportunity for your guest to promote their business and reach a new audience. You can try one of these methods for actually reaching your target guest:

Cold email

Make sure to do your research and customize the email. Keep things brief. Introduce yourself, compliment their work, and be direct about what you’re asking. Try to focus on benefits for them, like promotion of their latest work. 

Warm email

If you have met the guest before or engaged to a higher degree with them over social, you can phrase this email a bit differently. Position the introduction as a “reconnection” and mention any details that demonstrate your remembrance of them – perhaps noting the performance of a sports team you know they follow. Let them know they’d be a perfect guest for your podcast, and as with the cold email, focus on the value to them. 

LinkedIn Invitation

Send an invitation and say something like this: “We are launching a new podcast on [date] and would be so honored to have you as one of our first guests.”

LinkedIn Message

If you’re already connected with the person, simply draft a short message with similar content to the warm email. 

As you reach out to your short list of desired guests, set calendar reminders for follow up. A good practice is to follow up once with a cold contact and twice with a warm contact. Reiterate your request and be clear about the time commitment.


Once you’ve secured a top-tier guest for your law firm’s podcast, streamline the process of planning to make things easy for them. Send them a podcast guest guide where they can provide you with questions they’d like to be asked when it comes time for recording. And of course, make the content easy to promote. The easier it is for them to promote themselves, the more likely it is they’ll want to be a guest! We have our own podcast, The Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, and we have experience producing podcasts for many of our own clients. If you need more tips on creating a terrific podcast, give ours a listen – or contact us to help you develop a program of your own!

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