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Six Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Law Firm’s Podcast for Social Media

by Talia Schwartz • June 22nd, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

law firm podcastDo you want to gain more podcast subscribers? Diversifying how you share your law firm’s podcast episodes on social media can do wonders for your show and help it reach a wider audience. Here are several creative ways that law firms can repurpose their podcast content for social media. 

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Law Firm’s Podcast for Social Media

1. Create 30-60 second audiograms

Audio files that have been converted into video files are a form of short and engaging content that tends to do well on social media. To make the audiogram stand out, you need to be sure your visual design comes to life. Keep things short and sweet: less than 60 seconds for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and at least 15 seconds. Usually, the goal is to get people to listen to the entire original podcast episode. You can use a tool like Wavve to help you create these files. 

2. Make short teaser videos

If you record your law firm’s podcast with video, edit the recording into a short clip to share on social media. It’s important to add closed captioning onto your video content for social media, since many people watch without sound. Respect each social platform by researching their specific video requirements before sharing (for example, for Instagram Stories, videos must be in vertical format). 

3. Use an eye-catching quote

Impactful visuals are a great way to gain traction on social media, and quotes from your podcast lend themselves perfectly to these images. Use a site like Canva to create a graphic using a nice visual alongside a short quote from your podcast.

4. Produce a video trailer

A trailer is longer than a teaser video, usually around 3 to 4 minutes, and will perform better on platforms that allow longer content such as LinkedIn. Your goal here is to provide more insight into what your podcast is really about and spark a listener’s curiosity. You can do this by including a few standout clips from the podcast, and highlighting the main points of your discussion. Simply add these audio clips together and use a few slides with visually appealing graphics (hint: bright colors). 

5. Announce your latest episode with personal video

You can always build interest in your upcoming podcast episode by creating a video where you speak directly to the camera and talk about what’s next. Talk about the episode and what listeners can expect to learn from it. This will add some buzz around your podcast and also add a personal touch – it’s nice to put a face with the voice of a podcaster. Release these videos the day before or a few hours before a new podcast episode launches. Include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the video asking people to subscribe to your law firm’s podcast.

6. Write engaging social posts

The copy you use to promote your post is really important. If you share a teaser video, let people know exactly what to expect and encourage them to tune in. Use highlights from your law firm’s podcast to write compelling descriptions of the episode you created. 

Platform Specific Tips for Promoting your Law Firm’s Podcast:

On Instagram: remember the small screen

Most podcast listeners consume podcasts on a small screen like a tablet or cell phone. Instagram was actually created for small screens. That makes it a perfect place to market your podcast! Try using the Stories feature to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content. You can also use the polls function or ask questions to begin a dialogue. Remember that you can’t add a clickable link to an Instagram post, so you need to include the URL to related content on the image as well as in the copy. Or you can add a clickable link in your law firm’s Instagram profile. Don’t forget your hashtags!

On Facebook: Take Advantage of Live

Facebook shared that Live videos get 10 times more engagement than posted video content. Make the most of people’s preferences by recording your podcast episode as a live video. You can also follow up the release of a podcast episode by hosting a live Q & A session. Let people know that they’ll be able to continue the discussion, ask follow up questions, etc. following the podcast episode. 

On Twitter: Try a “Chat”

The brief teaser videos, audiograms, and quote visuals mentioned earlier are all great for Twitter because of their brief character limits. However, one feature that’s unique to Twitter is a Chat, which is when a group of people discuss one topic by using a designated hashtag. They are scheduled and usually last around an hour. Let your audience know in advance that you are planning one around your podcast topic and what the hashtag is. You may want to do them weekly when your latest podcast episode drops. 

On LinkedIn: Focus on Education

LinkedIn tends to be one of the more important social platforms for law firms. Because of the professional focus of the channel, users are looking for content that is educational, informational, and relevant to their field or challenge – not so much for entertainment. Make sure that any of the items you create from your podcast share what the listener will learn, information that can help them solve problems, etc. Though nice visuals are important, flashy graphics are less compelling than the promise of real insights. 

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Repurposing content from your law firm’s podcast sounds like a lot of work, but the truth is creating a podcast in the first place is a big undertaking. Why not make the most of your time and efforts to try to reach a wider audience, boost the traffic to your website or blog, and continue to create thought leadership? If you need more help with podcast planning, production, or promotion, connect with us today.


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