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How to Select a Podcast Name for Your Law Firm

by Kevin Vermeulen • May 9th, 2022 • Digital Marketing | Blog

A compelling podcast can do a lot for your brand and your personal thought leadership. But if you plan to start a podcast, have you considered what you’ll call it?

The title of your podcast is crucial. It forms a potential listener’s first impression, sets the tone, and helps your audience find your episodes in directories and search engines.

How can you come up with a great name for your own legal podcast? Here’s a breakdown of how to select a podcast name for law firms.

The Three Types of Podcast Namespodcast name for law firms

Experts agree that new podcasts usually use one of three genres of names: creative and abstract; descriptive; and those using the host’s name. 

  • More creative or abstract titles are meant to intrigue listeners while not fully explaining what the content will be about. This type of title can be a good option if you don’t need to rely on search engines to bring in traffic. For example, the 99% Invisible podcast is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. 
  • Titles that are descriptive actually convey the podcast topic in order to draw in visitors. This is a smart play for newer podcasters attempting to build a brand and gain more listeners.  These types of titles make a lot of sense for those in crowded industries. 
  • Podcasts using the host’s name work for well-known creators that have an established following. If you or your firm have invested in thought leadership up to this point, and you are good at building a following and promoting to them, then you may want to consider using a name listeners will recognize. 

10 Tips for Creating a Compelling Podcast Name for Law Firms

As you think through what makes a great podcast name for law firms, consider the following: 

1. Relay Your Message and Tone

In most instances, it makes sense to convey the topic of your podcast and what listeners can expect. What is your niche and what is your vision for the podcast? Keep your subject, tone, and brand voice in mind when you create a title. 

2. Understand the Competition

Try performing a search of podcasts in your industry to get a feel for other podcast names. How can you make yours stand out? Take inspiration from other podcasts but be original. 

3. Be Succinct and Specific

Some of the best podcast names are catchy and short (less than four words). Use your description as a place to include more details and keywords to drive interest. 

4. Use Keywords That Can Help With Search

Keywords are important in most areas of search, and podcasts are no different. Use your cornerstone keyword in your title to ensure listeners can find your podcast in directories. Note: You want to avoid keyword stuffing, though. Simply use the keyword in a natural and organic way that genuinely conveys the topics of the podcast. 

5. Look for Podcasts With the Same Name

Before you commit to anything, take a deep dive to make sure that no one is already using that show name. Look at domain availability, social media handles, search engines, and podcast directories. 

6. Try a Name Generator

Podcast name generators can help creators to brainstorm interesting name ideas. Try a tool like Shopify’s Name Generator or Namelix

7. Keep it Easy to Say

Your title should be easy to spell and pronounce. That makes it more likely that people can find you in relevant searches, and also mention the podcast on social or share it with comments. 

8. Make it Memorable

The best titles are catchy and simple to remember. The easier it is to remember, the more likely that listeners will pass the suggestion along to others! Some people even run a poll on social media or consult a small focus group to get real feedback from potential listeners.

9. Align With Your Firm Name

Using the same name as your business can make it easier for people to look up your podcast in directories. This can be hard depending on the length of your firm name and the other information you want to convey. In that case, make sure to include this information in your description. 

10. Consider the Future

Leave room to evolve over time if things change. Make sure your name is descriptive but with some flexibility in case you need to adjust later on. 

There are some things to avoid, too. Don’t use expletives or language that could be offensive. Additionally, refrain from using the word “podcast”. Most people will know that your show is a podcast so using that word in the title takes up valuable real estate. Additionally, we suggest avoiding intentional misspellings, special characters, or abbreviations. And finally, Apple Podcasts now prohibits titles with the creator name at the end (for example, The Daily Docket with John Doe). 


Your podcast’s name is an important part of your overall content strategy. Take the time to create a great one using these tips on how to select a podcast name for law firms. Looking to learn even more tips on podcasting for law firms? Check out our complimentary eBook, The Law Firm Guide to Podcasting, where we go over everything firms need to know to start a successful podcast.

We’ve helped many law firms and businesses produce and promote podcasts to establish thought leadership and further their business goals. If you’d like help launching a podcast for your firm don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.


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