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Improving your Law Firm’s Online Presence

by Kevin Vermeulen • February 11th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

law firm's online presenceMany law firms and professionals in the legal industry have enjoyed success based on specialized skill sets, great reputations, and client acquisition through word-of-mouth. However, those things are not enough in today’s market. The new word-of-mouth is online presence, and improving it can result in increased prospects, clients, and deals. Here are a few of our suggestions for amping up your law firm’s online presence and credibility.

Make SEO a Priority

If you follow this blog then you know we talk a lot about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is key for being found on search engines like Google. Your website is your biggest marketing tool, and it’s critical that it reflects SEO best practices. Many firms choose to outsource an SEO expert or agency. If you would like to take on the task of SEO yourself, start by using these tactics:

  • Complete careful keyword research and look up best practices for including the terms in your content.
  • Create specialized pages for each service area or specialization on your site – this will ensure you develop rich content that is inclusive of several key terms and phrases.
  • Include links to other high quality sites within your website.
  • Consider plugins like Yoast SEO to help elevate your website’s rank.

Invest in Google Ads

Even if you do all the right things to focus on SEO, it might not be enough. To give your brand the extra push it needs, create pay-per-click campaigns. Google Ads tends to be a great platform for law firms. Here you can create ads that will be shown to users who use queries and parameters you choose, for highly targeted exposure. Since most people search for a lawyer only when they need one, setting up ads to target these individuals tends to yield a higher ROI.

Focus on Branding

Use your branding to showcase what’s different about your firm. Your images, site design, and copy are all tools that can be used to create a strong brand presence that is memorable. Maintain your branding elements across any online channel and make sure they are consistent with your mission statement.

Create Valuable Content

Develop educational, relevant, and timely content that will provide value to readers. This encourages visitors and also is another avenue for including keywords and terms for SEO. Not only that, but valuable content lends credibility to your business and encourages potential clients to trust you and rely on your expertise.

Get Great Reviews

Reviews are becoming increasingly important as they can show up as part of search engine results. Ask satisfied clients to complete one for you via Google, LinkedIn, or an online form. You can also leverage third parties like Trust Radius to ensure that your reviews show with your website as part of search results.


Digital marketing for law firms must be integrated meaning your website, email campaigns, and social media presence must all play a role in your overall marketing efforts. Leveraging each of these tactics will ensure a higher quality web presence, more online visitors, and a better likelihood of visitors converting once on your site. We know it takes time and resources to complete these efforts – so if you need assistance, we are here!

law firm's online presence


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