influencer marketing tools for law firmsLaw firms are always looking for ways to grow the number of followers and reach on their social networks. One great tactic to accomplish this is influencer marketing. You might have heard of influencer marketing before. You might even know that it’s a big trend in the marketing world, literally changing the face of promotions and the way products and services are discovered every day. However, if the term calls to mind Instagram models touting the benefits of a new diet shake, you might have more to learn about this new tactic that’s sweeping across many successful brands’ marketing mix.

For law firms, influencer marketing means leveraging thought leaders, industry beacons, or successful figures to promote your thought content and essentially work as evangelists for your firm. It’s akin to the word-of-mouth business that law firms have traditionally relied on, but with a much larger reach. For that reason, this type of marketing can be extremely beneficial to law firms. If you’re considering experimenting with influencer marketing or are looking to improve upon your current efforts, here are five of our favorite influencer marketing tools for law firms to help you extend the reach of your social media marketing efforts.


Buzzstream helps you find relevant influencers based on their content. Starting at $24/month, plans allow you to enter keywords and filters to find websites which you can use in campaigns. This tool is particularly helpful for firms looking to market a specific niche, as it makes browsing and outreach quicker and more targeted.


You might have seen this tool mentioned in our other blog post on social media content, but Buzzsumo is great for influencer marketing too. Using this site, you can search content authors by their bios or by the content they share. You can also see important info like website domains, number of followers, and average retweet ratios. With plans around $79/month, this tool can provide a strong ROI for firms looking for vetted and credible influencers.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is marketed as an influencer marketing and outreach software in one, providing access to over 25 million bloggers and social media leaders. This platform allows you to automate influencer marketing & outreach campaigns for link building, guest posting, content promotion, business marketing, branding, and digital PR. Not only that, they offer an advanced CRM tool to allow marketers the ability to track and measure campaign statistics. Plans start at $52/month.


Similar to the other tools, this platform helps marketers find bloggers, influencers, and publishers with an advanced search function. However, their focus on SEO helps narrow content to the most authoritative publishers. Some of their advanced features include automated follow-ups and a variety of supportive reporting. Pitchbox also integrates with other SEO helpers like Moz and Majestic. Their subscriptions are fully customizable to meet your firm’s individual needs.


The priciest of the tools we recommend in this list (at $199/month), Dovetale is an overall social media software. It allows companies to monitor their competitors on social media and get an understanding of audiences and relevant influencers. Dovetale’s powerful report building and workflow automation tools help extract insights from your campaigns.

Some of the challenges of effective influencer marketing for law firms include finding the right influencers, keeping track of their activity, and monitoring performance. These influencer marketing tools for law firms should help with all of that, and if you need more support, we can help. Our team knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to this marketing trend for law firms, and can help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

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