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10 Essential Demand Generation Strategies for Lawyers

by Noreen Fishman • February 12th, 2024 • Demand Generation, Digital Marketing | Blog

While convincing a prospect to take action is always the primary goal, it’s not going to happen unless you can accompany them on their journey from awareness to eventual conversion. In order for that to occur, potential leads must first be able to locate your firm. Then, to ensure you’re well-positioned to provide what they require, you must also know where a potential client is located in their journey at all times.

All of that might seem like a big ask, but it’s actually fairly easy once you know what to do. Let’s delve into some essential demand generation strategies for lawyers and explore how selecting the right approach can streamline your client journey.

Essential Demand Generation Strategies for Lawyers

1. Content Marketing: Crafting a Winning Strategy

demand generationIf you want to grab your audience’s attention and keep them in the loop, having some fresh content is the way to go. Build a solid content strategy that coincides with what your audience is looking for. This will not only boost the quality of leads but also boost business development. To get things started, just make sure your content speaks to the needs and issues your audience cares about, define the audience you’re talking to, and plan out your content creation and sharing strategically.

2. Lead Scoring: Prioritize Quality Leads

Don’t waste your time on leads that won’t likely turn into client conversions. Try out a lead-scoring strategy. Look into what your prospects are up to online and offline, then add some points for engagement. This way, you’re ensuring only the leads with a good chance of being converted get top priority.

3. Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Tailoring Solutions for Success

Shift your attention to small groups or individual accounts with ABM. It’s like customizing solutions for specific issues that are pain points. This collaborative style lets you use personalized marketing, keeping those high-priority clients in the loop. Quality data is crucial to building a list of qualified target clients.

4. Social Media Channels: Capturing Interests Effectively

Tap into the power of social media platforms to engage with and understand what makes your target audience tick. Create content that interests them, and that aligns with what they need. Personalized and transparent content builds trust, and nothing is more important. Social media provides platforms for making connections that feel personal.

5. Email Marketing Optimization: A Significant Data Source

Evaluate and enhance your email marketing campaign performance by considering factors such as open rates, spam, and unsubscribe rates. To improve overall effectiveness, implement best practices, including personalized content, segmentation, responsive templates, and strategic testing.

6. Event Marketing: Building Brand Awareness and Credibility

Events are a powerful tool for boosting brand awareness and credibility. Whether attending smaller, more intimate events or hosting your own online or face-to-face, these interactions provide timely solutions to your audience, allowing you to earn their trust and build brand loyalty.

7. Intent Data: Identifying In-Market Clients

Utilize intent data to understand online activities and identify potential customers. Tailor your marketing approach based on search intent to create demand. By effectively leveraging intent data, firms can discover prospects, deliver quality leads, and shorten the cycle.

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8. CRM and Marketing Automation: Streamlining Processes

Integrate Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and marketing automation tools to efficiently manage demand generation efforts. Enhance lead generation, social media scheduling, analytics, drip email campaigns, and more, improving overall productivity.

9. Demand Funnel Framework: Visualizing Customer Journey

Utilize an efficient demand generation funnel to map the customer journey stages. Tailor your framework based on the unique characteristics of your brand, audience, and offerings. Understanding the stages of discovery, engagement, conversion, and reward enhances customer journey visualization.

10. Web Insights and Inbound Marketing: Unleashing the Power of Your Website

Your website plays a pivotal role in demand generation. Analyze digital footprints to uncover visitor interests, pain points, and content preferences. Inbound marketing, centered around building lasting relationships, involves blog posts, content offers, and web resources.


Embark on your demand generation journey by selecting the strategy that aligns with your law firm’s business development goals. Implement it seamlessly across your marketing teams to increase lead quality, genuine interest, and demand for your services. 

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