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A Look Back At Our Top 10 Legal Marketing Blog Posts of 2020

by Noreen Fishman • December 18th, 2020 • Legal Marketing | Blog

legal marketing blogAs 2021 approaches, we are once again recapping our most popular legal marketing blog posts of the year. It’s always valuable to reflect on what people are most interested in when it comes to marketing, as it outlines the biggest trends of 2020 and points us toward where we’ll be going in 2021. These are the 10 blog posts that received the highest attention in 2020:

10. 10 Ways to Prevent Your Law Firm’s Webinar From Being a Snooze-Fest

Delivering an engaging, dynamic webinar that captivates your audience is not an easy feat. In this post, we teach you how you can deliver truly engaging webinars that’ll sustain the attention of your attendees.

9. How Law Firms Can Benefit Using Fishbowl for Internal Communication

The career app, Fishbowl, is a social network that connects professionals within the same industry or company, enabling them to have candid and relevant conversations about workplace topics. The app has become increasingly popular now that water cooler conversations are a thing of the past.

8. 10 Law Firm Email Newsletter Ideas to Try This Year

For legal marketers, the beginning of each year is a time of creativity and new ideas. This includes coming up with newsletter content ideas because just following the same old, same old won’t cut it. It’s time to experiment with different email types, layouts, and content.

7. A Beginners Guide to Online Marketing for Lawyers

What is online marketing? How does it work? In this beginners guide, you will learn everything you need to get started marketing your law practice online.

6. Unique Law Firm Instagram Accounts

Many law firms are taking advantage of Instagram to distinguish their firm, showcase their culture, and recruit top talent. Here is a list of law firms that, in our humble opinion, are maximizing the power of Instagram with their unique insights and resources.

5. Which Law Firms Have the Best COVID-19 Resource Centers? Here is our Opinion

These law firms are doing an excellent job of helping clients and website visitors navigate the changing business and legal environment that has upended their daily lives.

4. Law Firm Social Media Strategy: The Ultimate Checklist

A succinct strategy will help your law firm tackle its goals and generate a higher ROI. Here is a step-by-step social media marketing strategy checklist to help you identify your social goals, put together a content strategy, create amazing engagement and optimize your results.

3. LinkedIn for Lawyers: 10 Steps to The Perfect Profile

With all of the lawyers trying to get noticed on LinkedIn, it’s important to craft a professional and marketable LinkedIn profile. In this post, we share 10 profile tips to help you stand out from the crowd and make a strong first impression with prospects and connections.

2. Five Useful CRM Tools for Law Firms

CRM software (customer relationship management) is more than initiating contact with potential leads. It involves nurturing contacts and building loyalty while maintaining a dynamic repository of contact information and client history. Here we review 5 of the CRMs best suited for law firms and highlight the pros and cons of each one.

1. 6 Tips for Lawyers on Writing the Perfect Social Media Bio

When it comes to setting up a social media presence, one of the areas that most lawyers overlook is the bio section of the various social platforms. The bio section is often filled out almost without a thought, in haste, and rarely updated. This is a big mistake.

Honorable Mentions

These posts were top performers the month they were published, but didn’t make the top ten for the year:

  1. A Guide to Social Media Disclaimers for Lawyers
  2. Account Based Marketing for Law Firms
  3. How Law Firms Can Build Trust with Authentic Content During These Uncertain Times
  4. How Professional Service Firms are Using LinkedIn: Best Practices for Law Firms
  5. 10 Video Marketing Examples from Lawyers Doing it Right


We hope you enjoyed the review of our most popular legal marketing blog posts in 2020! With digital marketing budgets predicted to grow in 2021, we’re sure the new year will be full of groundbreaking digital marketing trends and technologies. Which one was your favorite? What topic would you like us to follow up on? Let us know by dropping us an email at


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