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10 Video Marketing Examples from Lawyers Doing it Right

by Guy Alvarez • October 18th, 2022 • Content Marketing | Blog

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Lawyer video marketing is thriving online and there are a number of reasons why more lawyers are investing in video to support their thought-leadership initiatives. Video can do wonders to increase engagement across your law firm’s digital marketing campaigns and adding video to your website can boost Google rankings.

If you’re looking to join the ranks of lawyers that are effectively using video to generate brand awareness and aid in business development, consider what the following lawyers and firms are doing. 

We’ve rounded up 10 great examples of lawyer video marketing and each represents a unique approach and offers inspiration for lawyers.

1. Thought Leadership Videos on LinkedIn: Bracewell

Bracewell’s ‘Legal Bites’ videos on LinkedIn are composed of the firm’s attorneys sharing their perspectives on industry updates and dissecting current trends. Their videos don’t go for the hard sell; rather, they focus on being helpful. Law firms that share unique industry insights and answer common questions with their videos are sure to attract returning visitors.

Bracewell LinkedIn Video for Lawyers

2. Videos on Tik Tok: Wilson Murphy Law

Known as @TheTradeMarkAttorney, Wilson Murphy Law owner, Michelle Murphy, shares contract and trademark law tips and tricks with her fans on the viral video platform, TikTok. Example videos include “How to Make Money from Your Registered Trademark”, and “Common Reasons a Trademark Application Gets Rejected”. A bunch of her videos have 200,000+ views and in her interview on The Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Murphy discusses how she’s truly generating business success on the platform. And of course, she repurposes her videos to LinkedIn (create once, publish everywhere “COPE”).

Wilson Murphy Law owner, Michelle Murphy tik tok video

3. Podcast Video Snippets on LinkedIn: Patricia Baxter

Patricia Baxter is an influencer on LinkedIn with a large and engaged following of over 24 thousand people. She keeps her connections engaged by publishing educational and fun video content multiple times per week. Often her videos are short snippets from her podcast interviews, The Defense Never Rests. On her podcast, Patricia brings together guests from varying backgrounds and opposing views to discuss issues unique to the defense side of civil litigation. By sharing snippets of her episodes, she is giving people a quick preview designed to draw them in and lead them to consume more of her content. Patricia shares her lawyer video marketing tips and advice for lawyers in a previous episode of The Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast.

Patricia Baxter Lawyer LinkedIn Videos

4. Entertaining Videos on Instagram: Oremland Law Group

Adam Oremland of Oremland Law Group knows how to entertain and engage an audience on Instagram. Known as @lawbulldog, Oremland stars in short videos of fictitious personal injury storylines. He posts the videos to his feed and promotes new content in his Instagram Stories. @Thelawbulldog’s videos are hilarious and leave us wanting more. See: Instagram Stories: What Are They and How Can Law Firms Use Them?

Entertaining Videos on Instagram: Oremland Law Group

5. Instructional Videos on YouTube: Y Law Group

A great way to show off your expertise is by focusing on instructional lawyer video marketing content. In this example, Y Law Group’s divorce lawyer, Leena Yousefi, explains how to properly fill out and file a Notice of Family Claim in two tutorial videos. Quality tutorials or how-to videos with a laser-focus on helping your target audience allow you to earn their trust, which can lead to new business down the line.

Instructional Videos on YouTube: Y Law Group

6. Videos on Practice Area Pages: Schwartz Conroy & Hack

We like how Evan uses video to explain what he does in a succinct easy-to-digest manner. He gives visitors a quick and easy breakdown of how he helps his clients and solves their problems. Evan appears approachable to prospective clients that land on his practice area page.

Videos on Practice Area Pages: Schwartz Conroy & Hack

7. Recruitment Videos on YouTube: Jones Day

When potential new hires are researching law firms to find the right fit, video can be a nice way to give them a glimpse into your company’s culture and values. Jones Day clearly knows this, which is why they have a whole YouTube playlist Careers at Jones Day which is dedicated to answering the overactive question: “Why choose Jones Day”. Lawyers delve into their experience at the firm, the reasons they joined, and key training and experiences a first-year associate can expect.

Recruitment Videos on YouTube: Jones Day

8. Educational Videos on LinkedIn: White & Case

In a series of videos shared on LinkedIn, the lawyers of White & Case get in front of the camera to discuss new regulations and legal precedents and their implications. The lawyers do a great job of taking complicated legal issues and breaking them down into easy-to-understand short videos. The firm’s page is full of lawyer video marketing examples featuring a diverse cast of men and women focused on producing sharp educational content.

Educational Videos on LinkedIn: White & Case

9. Practice Area Page Videos: KVCF

KVCF has also jumped on the lawyer video marketing bandwagon, using video to introduce the firm’s partners and highlight their practice areas on their website. Adding video next to written descriptions on your website can help your firm and its attorneys seem more authentic to website visitors as well as boost SEO. In this video, Brain Pearson showcases his knowledge of real estate finance law and highlights the ways in which he helps his clients resolve their problems.

Practice Area Page Videos: KVCF

10. Homepage Sizzle Video: Berardi Immigration Law

When you land on Berardi Immigration Law’s homepage, you’re welcomed with a 1-minute video where you learn about the firm’s origin story. In the video, founder and managing partner Rosanna Berardi give prospective clients some background on the firm and the services they provide.

Homepage Sizzle Video: Berardi Immigration Law

How to Get Started With Lawyer Video Marketing


The nature of lawyer video marketing can lend itself to a wide range of creative content, and these strategies are just a few ways lawyers can get started. What these videos have in common is that they’re focused on being helpful and connecting with prospective clients in an authentic way. Use these lawyer video marketing examples as inspiration, and start creating some compelling content of your own.

Need help incorporating video into your firm’s marketing mix? We help lawyers and law firms drive engagement, grow their brands, and generate leads through strategic video marketing. Contact us today to discuss your video marketing objectives and the ways in which we can help.

Updated and Republished from Aug. 16, 2021.

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