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Unique Law Firm Instagram Accounts

by Talia Schwartz • May 22nd, 2020 • Social Media | Blog

law firm instagram accountsIt’s no secret that social media is an important digital marketing tool, but you may be asking yourself if Instagram is the right platform for your law firm. In short, the answer is a resounding yes. Law firms can use their Instagram accounts to accomplish a variety of marketing and business goals. For instance, Instagram is a great space for staying engaged with former clients, catching the attention of new clients, and recruiting new talent to your firm. Instagram can also play a key role in any law firm’s retargeting strategy, as a way to re-engage prospective clients that have visited your website and are familiar with your services. Many law firms are already taking advantage of Instagram to distinguish their firm and showcase their culture. Below is a list of law firms that, in our humble opinion, are maximizing the power of Instagram with their unique insights and resources.

White & Case

White & Case is a global law firm that expresses their well-developed understanding of Instagram in terms of being informative but friendly at the same time. Their content is entirely staff-based, with posts of their team seen at various professional and charitable events that happen year round. We love their creativity and personalization of posting videos of their employees speaking on behalf of their experiences and what they love most about working for this firm. Showcasing firm culture has become a useful marketing tactic, with firms often using social media—especially Instagram—to get the word out. White & Case’s Instagram account is completely dedicated to giving its followers a “look inside,” which is a great way to inspire employee advocacy, as well as act as a useful recruiting tool.

White & Case Instagram Account

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan’s Instagram page is both professional and personal, providing a sense of creativity and personality through their visual images and videos, and kindhearted captions. The firm’s Instagram account serves up an inspiring blend of firm news, motivational quotes, and behind-the-scenes looks at their employees in action. Stroock has poignantly dedicated a selection of posts to “Work From Home Wednesday,” where the firm’s attorney’s continue to connect with clients through the platform’s video subdivision (IGTV), providing warmth and a sense of humor while working from home. 

Stroock Instagram


Bracewell, is another firm that successfully uses their law firm’s Instagram account to showcase firm culture. Their Instagram page is built around their employees and various team building activities. Their page really humanizes their firm. For instance, the firm features a peek into their employees personal lives with their “Bracewell Buddies” campaign that focuses on the employees’ children and their drawings in a Bracewell coloring book, made to occupy the children while their parents are working. How creative!


Romano Law

This NYC entertainment law firm has made great use of their bios to showcase their range of knowledge and experience. Romano lists their practice areas and a link back to their website, right off the bat. Through their Instagram presence, they spread positivity with inspirational messages and words of encouragement, as well as a show of appreciation for their employees all in one. Another thing that Romano Law does well on Instagram is utilize Instagram’s highlights feature. Romano Law has branded and categorized its highlights by Media, The Team, Blogs, 15 Year Anniversary and About Us. The firm uses these highlights to show candid moments from firm events, and also to showcase their qualified team and the firm’s mentions in the media. This very clearly demonstrates Romano Law’s distinction and credibility in their industry, as well as showing the team’s continued work ethic.

Romano Law Firm Social Media Account

Goodmans LLP

Goodmans LLP’s Instagram spreads positivity to its followers through bright, colorful imagery, contests among their followers, and by offering tips and tricks to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. The law firm uses their Instagram account to show its more friendly and personable side, and Instagram is the perfect platform for just that. We love their “#Goodmanswfh” page, in which the firm’s attorneys and other employees share their work-from-home setup and tips to stay productive and positive during this state of uncertainty. Goodmans LLP makes sure to acknowledge every holiday and long weekend by posting colorful graphics and well wishes.

Goodmans LLP Law Firm Social Media Presence

Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright takes a completely different approach to Instagram than most law firms, in which they post employee photography content from around the world. With offices across the globe, their international employees take pictures of a wide range of landscapes or cityscapes with the hashtag #lawaroundtheworld, further showcasing their diversity and creativity. Although their approach is nontraditional, it is still successful in focusing on their employee’s interests and passions.

Norton Rose Fulbright


Orrick’s Instagram account is focused on firm culture and employee advocacy with their @orrickcareers username and bio hashtags (#lawjobs, #careers). They’ve certainly done their social media marketing research and know the importance of including hashtags in their bio for increased discoverability. Orrick’s Instagram account represents a good balance of culture and legal topics. Through its strategic implementation of IGTV, the law firm posts videos on timely topics their followers are sure to be interested in hearing about. For instance, the legal implications of COVID-19 and the #MeToo movement.

Orrick law firm instagram


More and more law firms use Instagram – the fastest growing social media platform – to engage clients, prospects and potential new hires. These law firms in particular have built compelling Instagram accounts, sure to catch the attention of new followers and help them achieve their marketing goals.

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