Instagram is a really powerful platform that needs serious consideration in your marketing efforts. Currently, Instagram has overinstagram tips for law firms 800 million monthly users, so chances are good that your target audience is present there. Sometimes legal marketers assume that Instagram isn’t really relevant to them, however, it’s important to maintain a strong presence on all social media platforms. Here are some actionable Instagram tips for law firms that can be put into play immediately for better Instagram results. 

Instagram Tips for Law Firms

1. Use Genuine, User-Generated Content

Don’t rely on stock pictures or staged photo opportunities. People on Instagram want authentic visuals that help them relate to companies. Real-time content that is unfiltered, such as live video/streaming can add a human element to your posts. Whenever possible, post unique and original material that shows your firm’s culture and personality. 

2. Vary Your Content

One of the great things about Instagram is how quickly great content can be posted. The fact that the platform is so easy to use means you can post often, without spending a long time creating new content. However, don’t fall into patterns of only posting certain pictures or quotes. Different types of content will attract different users, so it’s good to mix up your tactics. Show different sides of your organization with different mediums like photos, videos, Stories, Reels etc. 

3. Be a Part of Wider Conversations

With Instagram, it’s easy to spend time on the outside looking in. Don’t simply post, take the time to respond when people comment. Reply to your community whenever they interact with your firm and make a point of browsing other profiles in your niche (and while you’re there, like some content or leave a comment). Follow groups that pertain to your industry and participate in dialogues there. The more time you spend engaging with others, the more likely it is that they’ll return the favor. 

4. Ramp Up the Links You Can Use

Instagram doesn’t let you link to websites within the captions of posts, but you can (and should) include one in your bio. Your bio can have up to 150 characters, including a link. This is a great place to direct followers to your latest news or offer. You can even use a tool like Linktree to create a custom link that builds out a page with even more links. Users can share up to 5 links this way and really make the most of their bio link. Don’t forget to include links in your Stories too. Even though these only last for 24 hours, it allows you to post your most timely material. 

5. Share Stories with Each Post

When it comes to Instagram, the businesses that tell the most interesting stories generate the largest audiences. Consistent visual storytelling cuts through the noise and encourages engagement. Don’t limit your efforts to only photo and video feeds. For example, the Stories feature allows users to create slideshows or montages of photo and video components. Taking advantage of these features will provide your audience with a more personal experience. 

6. Don’t Rely on Vanity Metrics

An increase in likes or clicks is beneficial, but that information alone doesn’t provide the whole story. Those numbers won’t show you if the right people are interested in your content. Look for indicators of positive engagement, such as people commenting on your posts and new followers who are in your niche. Those factors alone can give you an indication of how well you’re doing and how much exposure your firm is truly getting. Looking at a comprehensive mix of metrics will better guide your efforts over the long term. 


While Instagram has been used predominantly by B2C companies until recently, organizations of all types can take advantage of the tool’s expansive audience and features made for connecting with users. Social media is today’s word of mouth, so it’s crucial to have a strategy and make the most of it. 

We’ve helped many law firms and businesses utilize Instagram to drive engagement. Talk to our team to learn how to use social media more effectively and wisely.