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Podcast Ep. 151: The Importance of Presenting an Authentic Image on Social Media for Your Firm and Your Attorneys

by Natalie Moe • February 10th, 2022 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Jay Plum, the Senior Director of Communications at Bracewell, where he works to implement integrated communication strategies and supports revenue through the growth of digital and social media. Jay also handles branding, brand management, PR, video marketing, and content marketing. In today’s episode, Jay discusses the power of storytelling-based social media and how he gets Bracewell attorneys engaged with their socials to generate leads and drive business.

1. What kind of content works well for LinkedIn?

Especially during the pandemic, video content performs really well. Just like us, our clients are busy, they want something that can be easily digested. We have also tried the old-fashioned, tried and true client alert. If it is well written and structured properly it really can sing on social media. A good client alert is something clients can take away from and do something with. 

2. What is your strategy with Instagram marketing? Which successful campaigns have you executed?

Well, I think you hit the key right there with that last word, which was campaigns. I think a lot of firms approach Instagram like let’s post up pictures that we get from different events and that’s how we’re going to use this channel. We tried to take a more strategic approach and ask ourselves how we can use Instagram as more of a storytelling platform. We wanted to visually tell the story of the firm, its culture, and its people. We thought of different themes that represented Bracewell and tried to attach them to a campaign. For example, we created a campaign called Bracewell Buddies to support working parents. We connected our lawyers and staff and helped them support each other as parents in uncertain times like the pandemic. We use infographics to tell stories at our events, instead of just posting pictures of people standing around. Instagram is a platform to tell the story of your company culture, so it must be very authentic. 

3. How do you get your attorneys more invested in and aware of what you’re doing with social media?  

We adopted an employee activation program, which essentially makes it very easy for attorneys to share content about and related to the firm. The photo, hashtags, and caption are all already there, they just need to share it. It is also important to make sure they understand the results. If they see how posting and engaging is having an effect on their business, they will be more motivated to post. We also have had firm wide training on using social media. 

4. What analytics are you looking at to measure your social media success? How do you tell what is working and what is not?

There are a lot of KPI’s to look at through social media channels. Checking the content and making sure it is something people are engaging with along with making sure it is performing well. We look at it over time, so we can see what sort of patterns emerge, but ultimately it comes down to conversions. Are we getting leads and business from it? I have heard from several of our lawyers that because of their social media activity, they have had an increase in business. 


Social media is a potent tool for your firm now more than ever. Jay talks about the importance of using social media to tell a story rather than merely sell your brand. Social media is a great way to show your authenticity and, in turn, why you, as an attorney, would be great to work with. If you want to know more about how to use social media to strengthen your firm’s image, download your copy of our eBook, Advanced Social Media Strategies for Law Firms.


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