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5 Ways to Design Your Law Firm’s Instagram Grid Layout Like a Pro (+ Examples from Law Firms)

by Noreen Fishman • March 12th, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

law firm instagram girdYour Instagram grid has become an increasingly important way to portray your law firm’s brand and messaging. The grid is essentially neat rows of three that form a bigger picture of your firm and your Instagram content strategy. Savvy Instagrammers know how to take advantage of this viewpoint and carefully plan posts that create an interesting and engaging grid layout. 

The grid layout is the first impression that a viewer will see – the “front page” of your law firm’s Instagram presence. Here are 5 tactics law firms can use to design compelling Instagram grids.

5 Ways to Design Your Law Firm’s Instagram Grid Layout Like a Pro

1. Commit to a color combination

This is one of the most popular grid techniques, because it works. Sticking to a simple color palette in each photo helps keep planning simple. When viewed cohesively, your grid will look like a “matching set”, even if the image content varies. Some people achieve this look by using the same filter in every photo. For instance, trademark and business attorney Nique Williams, @entreprenuher_esq, keeps things consistent with her pink and white color palette. She even takes it a step further by wearing the same color clothing in every photo. That’s one low-effort way to create an overall vibe.

trademark and business attorney Nique Williams

2. Design a checkerboard

You can create this look on your law firm’s Instagram grid by alternating the style of graphics you post to your grid. For example, @divorcedonedifferently alternates photos with quotes. 

Tech lawyer Alice Stephenson’s Instagram grid, @alice_e_stephenson, is another powerful example of using text alternated with images, all in a cohesive color pattern that is sharp and clearly dedicated to her branding. You can create similar effects by alternating colors, or using tactics like alternating people photos with static images (such as from your office). 

Tip: if you’re going to use text-based posts, make sure the background colors and fonts you choose are consistent. That makes the effect really clear.

family law firm instagram

3. Embrace the border

One of the simplest ways to create a visual theme is to apply borders to all of your photos. Take a look at @mcg_legal. The law firm uses white borders across each of their Instagram posts to grab more attention and enhance the grid’s impact. In addition to the borders, they apply a thoughtful use of color in each of their photos, even though the content itself varies a lot. These tactics together create an artistic and simple flow so that their messaging can be at the forefront.

4.Unite images by rows

Try creating a theme or color pattern per row of 3. You might consider a different background color for each row. If you’re going to try this tactic, you should post 3 images at the same time, to make sure alignment is consistent. Advanced Instagram users might even try posting a panoramic photo with three images making up the row. 

Is your law firm embracing the “row by row” Instagram grid tactic? If so, let us know and we’ll include you in our blog!

5. Work around a line in the middle

This Instagram grid is popular because it’s pretty easy to maintain and also nice to look at. The technique is what it sounds like: using a line in the middle of your photos to draw the viewer’s attention and keep them scrolling. Many people use quotes on a white background, but you could also try focusing on a middle photo and then planning simple posts on either side. The important thing is to encourage focus and scrolling like divorce and family lawyer, Jessica T. Ornsby @dmv_lawyer does on her Instagram. 

lawyer, Jessica T. Ornsby


Designing an aesthetically pleasing grid is just one component of Instagram success. You can’t forget the basics of conscious planning, posting consistently, staying on brand, and responding to people who engage with your firm on social media. It’s important to get your social media presence right because it’s today’s word-of-mouth. For more law firm Instagram inspiration, check out our past post: 7 Law Firms with Killer Instagram Accounts

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