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4 Instagram Accounts of Law Firms Doing It Right

by Noreen Fishman • December 9th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms across the globe, however, due to its emphasis on consumer marketing and its young audience, many legal marketers are hesitant to dedicate time to the platform. 

If these past few years of marketing have proven anything, it’s that having a social media strategy that fails to spread across major platforms can hurt credibility and trust. Often users go to their favorite social media platform first when researching organizations they want to work with. Imagine what kind of first impression you’re giving if a user comes across a completely inactive social page.

This past year we’ve studied and ranked America’s top 200 law firms (as ranked by the American Lawyer) on their usage and adoption of social media to extend thought leadership messaging in our annual whitepaper- The Social Law Firm Index. In this post, we’re taking a look at 4 Instagram accounts from law firms that are doing it right.

If you’d like some inspiration as to how your law firm can refresh its Instagram strategy, please review these 4 accounts that exemplify what Instagram success looks like in 2022.

1. White & Caseinstagram for law firms

White & Case makes a great first impression by having a well-organized and branded profile. They utilize branded graphics to display the topics of their Highlights, and leverage Linktree to share relevant links, including links to their other Instagram accounts. White & Case understands how to leverage market segmentation by creating different Instagram pages for different audiences, but keeps their main page up to date, as well. They leverage all the best types of posts, including carousels, Reels, and Stories. White & Case also understands that, above all else, Instagram is a highly visual platform that should focus on humanizing the firm. So, they include plenty of pictures of humans, and most significantly they showcase the lives of their lawyers in professional and personal Reels.

2. DLA Piper

DLA Piper understands that Instagram isn’t about overly-promotional content, but rather sharing the culture of their firm. DLA Piper is quick to share photos of the latest events they’ve hosted and attended, featuring photos of their employees. They also focus their Story content on supplying valuable information to their audience. Often, they answer questions in their Stories on pertinent topics. They also utilize their Stories to showcase their values, such as diversity, as they feature the diverse stories of their community in a Highlight.

law firm insta

3. Bracewellinstagram for law firms

Bracewell showcases that strong branding and interesting visuals are the core of Instagram for law firms. Any posts where Bracewell features graphics rather than photos are branded with similar font, format, style, and colors, leading to a cohesive grid that makes a big impact. Bracewell also utilizes strong visuals in the images they use for their Highlights display. Again, Bracewell uses Linktree for easy link sharing, showing that they’ve adjusted their strategy to be specific to Instagram. Bracewell also utilizes Reels to share photos and information in a more digestible and compelling way.

4. Brown Rudnick

Brown Rudnick is proof that social media success isn’t simply given, it’s earned with consistent hard work. Brown Rudnick understands what its audience wants and they fulfill their desires by creating content around its most popular cases. They capitalize on Instagram’s latest features by leveraging Reels and Carousel Posts. Brown Rudnick also humanizes their firm by including photos of humans. Even if they want to share copy in the graphic, they often include a lawyer’s face to keep the posts intriguing.

brown rudnick


Finding success with Instagram for law firms may be a little different than other platforms. But above all else, these law firms showcase that Instagram is the perfect platform to humanize your firm, showcase your culture and values, and engage with your audience in new ways. 

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