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11 New Instagram Features Law Firms Should Use

by Noreen Fishman • November 4th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Instagram is always improving their platform, and in order to better compete with TikTok, they’ve stepped up their game. Marketersnew instagram features for law firms in particular can really benefit from the new ways to create, organize, and promote content on Instagram. But first – you need to know what these new Instagram features for law firms are! Here, we are covering some of the newer functionality that legal marketers can take advantage of on Instagram.

New Instagram Features for Law Firms

instagram for law firms1. Reels Templates

Video is king when it comes to marketing and Reels have been a very popular feature since it was rolled out. If you’ve been a bit intimidated by creating Reels,  you might want to take advantage of the new templates feature. Reels templates are pre-built options that anyone can use to make Reels quickly and easily. To use one, find a Reel that you would want to use as a template (it must have music and at least 3 clips). Then go to the menu button in the corner and select “use as template”. Then click “add media” to select the content that you want to use. 

2. Photo Remix

Users enjoyed the ability to remix Reels in order to create new content or collaborate with others. Now that feature is available for photos as well. If you’re familiar with TikTok’s “duet” feature, then this will feel familiar. The remix feature allows you to attach your photo or video to someone else’s. From there you can also add things like stickers, text, or polls to further “remix” the content. 

3. Interactive Stickers for Reels

Interactive stickers were popular for Stories, and now users can take advantage of them on Reels. Try using features like a poll, quiz, or emoji slider to ramp up engagement. For example, you could include a poll asking followers to submit ideas for your next piece of content. 

4. Dual Camera for Reelsinstagram for law firms

Some users love the ability to record content with their back-facing camera at the same time as their front-facing camera. The image from the content facing away from them takes up most of the screen, while the front-facing image appears in a smaller window on the side. It appears similar to the screen that you see when you FaceTime. This option is only available when recording Reels. 

5. Grid Pinning

If you have a content item that you don’t want to get buried in your grid, try pinning it to the top of your profile. To do so, select the Reel or photo you want to highlight, and in the top right corner of the post tap the three dots and then choose “Pin to your profile”. From then on, the content will appear at the top of your grid. This is a really helpful feature for promoting important news like an event or highlighting your most popular content. 

6. Dedicated Partnership Inbox

Many marketers complained of missing opportunities because of a crowded inbox. In response, Instagram created one location where brands and creators can quickly access communications. Partnership messages have their own sub-folder in the “Direct Messages” tab. These messages skip over the “Request” folder and are moved to a priority placement. In theory, it should be easier and faster to find and act on branded content partnerships. 

7. Work With Creators

Instagram has launched a set of tools meant to help marketers work with other creators. Users can start by adding names to a preferred brand list. Then when a brand looks for partners to work with, they will be at the top of a user’s preferred brand list if they are on it. This way your chances of finding a partner who’s interested in working with you are higher. Brands can also find creators by organizing by follower count, age, location, etc. 

8. Auto-captions for Reels

Caption stickers were originally only for Stories but are now available on Reels as well. This feature automatically converts spoken verbiage in a video into text so that users can view it without sound. This will make your videos much more engaging for people who watch, regardless of their audio preferences. 

9. Extended Tracking Periodinstagram for law firms

If you have a business profile, Instagram is extending the data tracking period from 30 to 60 days. Previously, social media marketers needed to use third-party tracking to get more details. Now, a longer tracking period will be available in Instagram Insights. 

(For a deeper look at how to analyze your Instagram and leverage data, check out this free eBook: Advanced Social Media Strategies for Law Firms.)

10. Subscriptions

If you use Instagram for monetizing content, this feature might be interesting to your subject matter experts. With subscriptions, creators can charge a monthly fee for exclusive content or other benefits. Creators will need to set a monthly rate and a subscribe button will be placed on their profile. This is a great place to share premium content like live streams or posts to special reports. Subscriptions are also a great opportunity for leaders within your firm to connect more deeply with followers

11. Visual Replies

This is essentially the ability to comment on Reels with another Reel. Inspired by current TikTok functionality, it gives creators the chance to make comments with short videos on other Reels. Many users find it a highly engaging way to interact with followers. 


As social media formats evolve, it’s important to get used to new tools and use them to optimize your marketing efforts. Try out some of these new features to boost your brand presence and engagement on Instagram. If you’d like more hands-on help with your social media strategy, contact us today for a free consultation. We’ve helped many law firms and legal companies leverage social media to reach their business development goals.


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