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13 Webinar Promotion Tips to Guarantee Nobody Misses your Law Firm’s Next Webinar

by Talia Schwartz • September 28th, 2020 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm webinar promotionWebinar usage among law firms and companies has skyrocketed over the last few months, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Webinars are the next best option to an in-person meeting or event.

Here at Good2bSocial, we know a thing or two about webinars. We’ve hosted and promoted webinars for our clients and for ourselves for years — and we’ve refined our processes even more over the last few months.

So in today’s blog post, we share what we believe are the most important tactics that will guarantee nobody misses your law firm’s next webinar. Turns out, there are at least 13 things you can do to get people aware of, excited about, and attending your next webinar. Because let’s face it — attendance is crucial to success.

Webinar Promotion Tips for Law Firms

1. Choose a topic that is both broad and actionable.

You’d be surprised how many law firms offer webinars on overly promotional or overly niche topics, then are disappointed that their registration numbers are low. We advise you select a topic that’s broad enough to attract a wide audience, yet targeted enough to provide actionable advice that attendees can implement right when the webinar ends. Webinars that help to truly address a challenge will be more popular.

2. Set a registrant goal.

When you set a registrant goal, you’ll be more inspired to hit it. Setting a specific goal will also help you measure and optimize your marketing success. Each day you should track your registration numbers to see whether your marketing efforts are moving the needle towards your goal. That way, if you need to dial up your promotion or tweak your messaging due to low initial registration numbers, you’ll know. 

3. Choose the right day of the week.

Your law firm shouldn’t host a webinar on the weekend. Okay, maybe that’s obvious. But did you know that the best days to schedule your webinars are on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday? According to GoToWebinar, Thursdays are the days people are most likely to attend a webinar.

4. Choose the right time of day.

The best time (and day) all depends on your audience so experiment and find what works. Consider the target of your event and what their typical day looks like. When is the best time for them to attend a webinar? We typically offer webinars at 1 or 2 p.m. EST, because we’ve found that time is the most convenient for a large part of our target audience.

5. Craft an informative landing page.

Your landing page should encourage people to sign up. Your landing page should clearly outline a few things: an explanation of the topics you’ll cover, identify the presenters with brief bios, communicate the value of the webinar, and when and how the webinar will be accessible. If you want to see an example, take a look at the landing page we created for our upcoming webinar: visit landing page.

6. Send a thank you email and registration confirmation.

Your thank you email is good manners. It also provides you the opportunity to remind people about the webinar they’ve just registered for. People may save the email or take the details in the email and add them to their calendar. We recommend including a call-to-action (CTA) to “Add this webinar to your calendar”.

7. Send a value-packed reminder email leading up to the webinar.

Send this email one week in advance of your law firm’s webinar. The email not only serves to remind registrants about the webinar’s date and time, but reinforce the value that you established with them on your registration landing page. Remind them of why they signed up in the first place. Include relevant blog posts, eBooks or whitepapers that cover similar topics.

8. Send 2 final reminder emails.

Last-minute reminder emails are crucial and will help ensure that nobody misses your law firm’s next webinar! People are forgetful and they’re also very busy so send a reminder email the day before your webinar and the other 1 hour prior to the start of your webinar.

This is where marketing automation can come in handy. You can build a drip sequence that leads up to the day of the webinar using HubSpot’s Workflows tool or Mailchimp’s automation tool.

9. Advertise on social media platforms.

You’ll of course want to promote your webinar across all of your law firm’s social media channels organically – it doesn’t cost you anything! But if you want to drive more attendees to your webinar and you have the budget, a little paid social media to supplement your organic efforts can always help.

The highly targeted advertising offered by LinkedIn can help get the word out and drive attendance. You can also create short teaser videos and use that to advertise across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10. Market your law firm’s webinar through your speakers.

Are your presenters marketing your webinar just as much as you are? You know, the ones with a completely different audience than yours? Make sure they’re leveraging their own email list and social connections to boost registrations.

11. Blog about your webinar.

By blogging about your webinar (and guest blogging if you have the relationships), you’ll create more avenues of promotion. Get your audience warmed up to the topic of the webinar by publishing blog content that discusses the topic at different angles. Include the webinar CTA in these posts as well, but be sure to swap it out with a different CTA once the webinar is over.

13. Promote your law firm’s webinar on your homepage.

Another important webinar promotion tip for law firms is to leverage your homepage real estate to promote your upcoming webinars. Why? Because your homepage is likely one of the most visited pages on your firm’s website.

We recommend doing this in two ways. Through a pop-up form or the low-cost WP Event Manager plugin which enables you to easily drop in events anywhere on your WordPress site.

14. Use the best webinar technology to ensure a smooth video experience.

It’s important that attendees can easily access and listen in on your event. You may also consider making the event more interactive by adding polling or surveys, options for chat and Q&A, or break-out sessions. These add-ons are all possible with Zoom. In this blog post, we review and compare the differences between the top 4 webinar technologies to choose from.

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Webinars have been an effective digital marketing tool for lawyers and law firms for quite some time, but in the current landscape they are a necessity. If you’ve had trouble hitting your attendee goals, follow the above law firm webinar promotion tips and we promise more people are bound to show up. Do keep in mind that many people will opt for replays over live webinars — so remember to record and offer your law firm’s webinars on-demand (don’t forget to gate it though, so you can acquire more emails aka leads).

Are you ready to host your own webinar that connects with your audience, builds authority and trust, and grows your email list? Reach out to us for help today.

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