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We Help Our Clients Generate New Business

Webinar Production and Promotion Services for Law Firms

A webinar is a highly effective digital marketing tool that gives law firms the ability to demonstrate the knowledge and experience of their lawyers. Webinars also enable law firms to engage with their prospects and clients and answer their questions or address their concerns.

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What Is A Webinar?

Webinars are internet-based seminars used to show clients and prospects how you solve complex legal problems. They are also a great opportunity to demonstrate your experience in working with similarly situated clients.

Compared to in-person events, law firm webinars are a cost-effective alternative that build your law firm’s brand, generate quality leads, and build rapport with clients and prospects. They also provide long-term value because you can post the recorded version on-demand content on your website, thereby turning a live event into a valuable piece of content.

Why should your law firm host a webinar?

Hosting a webinar offers a great opportunity to share your law firm’s expertise and thought leadership and to interact more directly and more personally with your target audience.

With no geographical barriers, webinars give you an opportunity to speak live to a large number of your current and potential clients, no matter where they are in the world.

Webinars provide value by attracting participants who agree to share their contact details in exchange for the educational content you’ll be providing. This makes webinars an extremely effective lead-generation tool.

How do we help our clients achieve growth with engaging, professional webinars?

Our team of digital marketers will help you communicate key messages to your target audiences with your webinar, and will manage the process from start to finish. We make it easy for you to create and broadcast professional webinars that help your law firm stand out as a thought leader in your practice area, while creating new opportunities to build rapport and engagement with your target audience.

Our comprehensive webinar production services include:

blogs for law firms
Helping clients select engaging, relevant topics.
blogs for law firms
Identifying technology tools/providers to broadcast the webinar.
 blogs for law firms
Designing the webinar deck.
blogs for law firms

Creating web pages (registration page, landing pages, thank you pages) to showcase your webinar.

blogs for law firms
Planning and executing marketing campaigns designed to increase registration.
blogs for law firms

Copywriting (blogs, social media, email campaigns) to promote the webinar. Learn about The Legal Writer’s Bureau.

blogs for law firms
Assistance in running the webinar.
blogs for law firms
Assistance in keeping your audiences engaged with robust features like polling, Q&A, chat and social feeds.
blogs for law firms
Measuring webinar success with event analytics for email tracking, attendance, Q&A and polling.
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Legal Marketing Tools: Top Webinar Software Services for Law Firms

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