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5 Useful CRM Tools for Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • August 16th, 2022 • Digital Marketing | Blog

There are numerous tasks that law firms and legal companies need to complete on a regular basis. Automating as many as possible can boost efficiency and productivity. One type of automation that law firms can benefit from is marketing. In fact, over 62% of marketers are using a built-in marketing or CRM system to streamline their marketing efforts. Luckily, there are numerous marketing solutions available. To help you sort through the various options we took a look at five of the leading CRM tools for law firms.

CRM Software for Law Firms

What Are CRM Software Tools?crm software for law firms

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools do way more than store contact information of your law firm’s clients and contacts. Law firm CRMs should be able to automate marketing tasks (i.e. drip email campaigns), simplify workflows, and analyze marketing data while maintaining a dynamic repository of contact information and client history. CRM tools have become multi-faceted marketing and business development solutions focused on collaboration and driving new business.

Why Should Law Firms Use CRM Software Tools?

Investing in a CRM software tool has become vital for most firms nowadays, as it simplifies marketing tasks and tracks customer relationships much more efficiently than traditional approaches. 

A well-built CRM system can help you:

  • Store contact information so it’s easy to find and use
  • Identify sales opportunities and allows firms to easily identify where leads are in the sales journey
  • Gather data on your marketing strategy and identify what tactics are working
  • Personalize and optimize leads’ experiencescrm software for law firms
  • And so much more

And better yet, once firms streamline their marketing processes with a CRM, they tend to see:

  • Increased conversions– Conversions rates may go up by 300%.
  • Optimized team performance52% of companies say that their CRM helps them achieve better teamwork.
  • Better use and access to customer data72% of businesses say CRMs give them better access to data
  • An ability to reach business development goals92% of businesses claim CRMs played a vital role in them reaching their income goals.
  • Better customer experience47% of CRM users says their system has an impact on their customer satisfaction rate.

CRM systems have been proven to help many organizations like law firms. So, if you haven’t already implemented a CRM system, or are looking to improve your current CRM toolkit, now is the perfect time. It’s estimated that the CRM market will grow rapidly over these next few years, so implementing one now is the smartest approach if your firm wants to stay current.

Keep reading for a list of the top 5 CRM tools we recommend for law firms:

Top 5 CRM Tools for Law Firms

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is popular for its CRM software across all industries, including the legal field. One of the best things about HubSpot CRM is that the software is free to use, so you do not have to find room for it in your budget. Additionally, it lets you grow your plan if your firm evolves in the future. With this particular automation software, you can automatically track interactions via social media, phone, and email. When it comes to email marketing, automation is key for staying top of mind with clients. HubSpot has powerful email automation abilities through its workflow functionality. You can easily set up drip campaigns and follow-up emails in advance, choosing which users receive which emails based on hundreds of different criteria. For example, you can set up workflows that send an email when a client has visited a specific practice area page or when they visit your contact page and fill out a form. HubSpot’s automation capabilities exemplify how legal marketing automation software is integral for converting and retaining more clients.

Although HubSpot is not built specifically for law firms, it remains one of the most robust CRM systems. The platform is user-friendly and offers a modular and scalable solution. Meaning that you can mix and match which solutions you use, and the platform can grow with you as your law firm grows.

And there are even some free solutions on the platform, so law firms can maximize their potential at every budget.

crm for law firms

2. Lawmatics

As the name indicates, Lawmatics is a CRM that focuses on law firms. It includes custom fields, custom emails to help with drip campaigns, and an automated version of the intake process. This system enables you to manage your current and new clients while optimizing the intake process. There are automated workflows for matters like sending documents to get e-signatures, tasks, and emails. It also has a built-in suite for e-signatures.

3. Law Ruler

Law Ruler is a cloud-based CRM as well as client intake software. The software solution was designed specifically for use by lawyers and law firms. Law Ruler is powered by artificial intelligence. One of its notable features is the personalized text messages that it sends. These are welcome texts that include an intake form. At the same time, Law Ruler lets your staff know about client calls. There is also a mobile version available and a focus on setting up the software and then forgetting about it. There are three pricing tiers to meet the needs of different law firms.

4. InterAction

LexisNexis, a technology company that specializes in software for law firms, provides the service InterAction as a CRM solution. Beyond the basics that most CRM systems present like contact management and automatic data collection, InterAction offers features like email signature capture and the ability to track key client touchpoints. Along with the software plan you choose, you’ll have access to in-depth advice and training from LexisNexis consultants. From technical education about InterAction’s features to resources guiding you through CRM best practices, this software aims to help law firms understand CRM capabilities and implement strategies that will build client relationships and generate leads.

5. Intapp

Intapp is a CRM system built specifically for law firms. Capabilities like recording meeting details, building proposals, and enterprise-level security all allow for law firms to benefit from this software. Intapp allows for integration with MS Outlook, time and billing systems, NetDocuments, and many email marketing tools. In terms of integration, Intapp has the most options and truly allows users to view all customer-related information in one place. Social collaboration functions and a variety of mobile apps ensures constant, smooth communication with your team


Any of these software solutions can help you automate marketing as well as client intake, streamlining the processes of your law firm on a daily basis. The result is improved efficiency and the ability to focus on more important tasks.

If your law firm is interested in implementing a new CRM tool to improve digital marketing and business development efficiencies, contact us for help today.

And if you’d like help getting started with HubSpot, or maximizing the ROI of your HubSpot usage, please contact us for help. As a Platinum Tier HubSpot Partner, we have much experience helping law firms implement and use HubSpot to its fullest capabilities.

This post has been edited and republished from Jan. 1, 2022.

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