SEOIt begins with content marketing. Content marketing is about enticing, informing, and entertaining your audience; social media is about promoting your content. And SEO is about making sure that your digital activity improves your search engine ranking.  All three work together toward achieving relevance for your audience.

High-quality content is content that is:

  • Client-centric
  • Provides guidance/value
  • Non-promotional
  • Free of jargon
  • Shareable and presentable

Producing high-quality content is the only way to achieve the benefits of high-ranking SEO. There are tons of new content being produced each minute of the day.  Google’s job is to crawl the vast Web and create an index so that we know where to find things when we’re searching for it. This process is a tedious one, and therefore Google turns to Twitter to discover new content. Content that has generated a lot of traction on Twitter can cut the time it takes Google to find your content. In February 2015, Google and Twitter penned a deal giving Google access to the “fire hose” of Twitter’s public data, generated by its 300 million users. As a result, all of Twitter’s profile information, tweets, and other public data are available to Google in real time.

Link-backs and Social Share

Google is taking note of how many link-backs your website receives. The downside is that this is easily manipulated through black-hat SEO techniques, like keyword stuffing and creating fake websites that link back to the website that you are trying to optimize. As a result, Google has instead chosen to look into social signals, such as Tweets and Facebook posts. This is where the amount of followers and your social reach plays a huge role. The amount of followers you have gives the opportunity for your content to be shared and viewed by many. The value of this is endless.

Boost Authority With Your Social Media Influence

Google will rank your blog post and website higher if it sees that you are a creditable source. Google also considers your social media influence based on different factors that include reach, relevance, and engagement. The more you like, comment, and share on social media, the higher your ranking will grow.

Google +

Google factors in your presence on Google+. Posting content on your business profile or posting your content into Google+ communities will greatly increase your ranking. Be sure to post content that you want to be highly ranked for on Google+.  This will to prove to Google that you are worthy of positioning high in their search rankings.

SEO Is Not Just Technical Anymore

SEO isn’t just technical anymore. Google wants the best, most relevant content to rank highly, and the result is that SEO has become more human-friendly. Google is looking more at the kind of content you’re sharing, rather than just the keywords flooding a blog post. Yes, the meta description and where you place your keyword and so on still matter, but more importantly, it’s how you use keywords to answer questions that people are genuinely asking.

To learn more about the relationship between SEO and Social Media, check out the presentation that our Chief Engagement Officer, Guy Alvarez delivered on during a recent webinar.

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