Social Media for Law FirmsIn this year’s Social Law Firm Index, we found that more law firms than ever are focusing on quality over quantity on social media. Compared to only 20% of tweets in 2017, 51% of tweets on Twitter was original, valuable, and non-promotional content.This proves that law firms are continuing to embrace a “think like a client” mentality. However, there is clearly still room for improvement.

Social media for law firms and other businesses in the legal industry is often a tricky thing to measure – and for many other businesses, too. How do you know what’s working? How do you know where to apply more effort and where to back off? Do posts or tweets or likes actually generate business for your firm?

We believe that a key function of social media for law firms is to build credibility, brand loyalty, and an engaged community over time. Along with that, you hope for ROI by driving traffic to your marketing funnels and helping them to convert. The best way to do that isn’t with more content – but better content.

Valuable Content

People want to see content that is relevant to them – that may teach them something, inform or entertain them, etc. Your social media posts contribute to an online reputation. If you can reliably deliver content that people want to see – they are more likely to follow you. Over time, you’ll build a community – some of which are prospects or future clients. On the other hand, if you post a lot of content but don’t take the time to curate it or ensure it’s tailored to your audience, you’ll see a lot of unfollowing and your fans dropping off.

Quality Over Quantity

Another important aspect of carefully applying the “quality over quantity” principle to social media is that search engines now take certain social cues into account. Quality content will be measured in part by how often it is liked or shared in a social context. The idea behind this is that if a piece is being shared or viewed by wide audiences, it’s likely something people find helpful and valuable – and something they probably want to see in their search engines as well. Not only that, posts, shares, tweets and retweets are likely to be viewed as credible backlinks and help to build your SEO rankings.

Increasing Engagement

Finally, keep in mind that the more a piece of content is engaged with – the more likes or shares it receives – the more likely it is for that engagement to continue. People are busy and spend only a few seconds scrolling social media. What are they more likely to click on – something that has been shared several times, or something with only a few likes? Creating high quality content will help get the ball rolling on engagement and that only leads to more exposure and more people for your possible audience.


Need some tips to ensure your content is top quality? Make sure each post is relevant and specific – breadth is not your friend in this area. Don’t bomb your audience with content – post only when you have something worth sharing. And finally, be reliable and consistent. Once you build an audience, they’ll come to expect to hear from you and gain new and valuable information – don’t let them down. It’s not always easy to come up with quality, relevant content. For help developing an effective social media strategy for your law firm, contact us for a consultation.