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Social Media for Law Firms: Focus on Quality Content Over Quantity

by Noreen Fishman • September 15th, 2023 • Social Media | Blog

Lawyers and law firms appear to have gotten the message about social media marketing. In fact, according to the 2022 American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey Report, only 11% of respondents do not utilize social media to market their law firms.

It’s more obvious than ever that an active social media presence is a must for any law firm looking to further its business development goals in today’s digital age. But you won’t accomplish much simply by flooding your platforms with more and more content. When it comes to social media marketing, quality – content that offers visitors something of value – should always take precedence over quantity. 

What Makes Content Valuable?

Whether looking for information or entertainment, people want to see social media content that’s relevant to them.  As a legal marketer, you need to focus on client-centric content that addresses the problems and issues that bring visitors to your pages.

Your social media posts contribute to your online reputation. When you reliably deliver content that people need, they’re more likely to follow you. Over time, you’ll build a community of followers, some of whom are prospects and likely to become future clients. On the other hand, when you post a lot of content without giving any thought to their needs, you risk annoying your audience. Eventually, your follower count will drop off and those prospective clients will look elsewhere for the information they need.

Quality Content Has the Best Chance of Going Viral

The fact that social media algorithms have become so adept at picking up on certain social cues means that quality content is more important than ever. The algorithms see viralability as a signal that a particular post is helpful, valuable, or entertaining and likely to be something others would appreciate seeing in their feed.  As the post continues to reach a wider audience, the search engines will also start viewing your growing likes, shares, and retweets as credible backlinks, which will ultimately help improve your SEO rankings.

Quality Posts Increase Engagement

Keep in mind that most people are busy and will only spend a few minutes scrolling on social media. Which posts are most likely to pique their interest  – those that are driving engagement or those that attract little in the way of attention? The fact is content that has already been shared several times usually drives more engagement. Creating high-quality posts that your audience will value gets the ball rolling on engagement, leading to more exposure on the platform, and ultimately, a wider audience.

Quality Content = Quality Leads 

Bombing social media with lots of less-than-valuable content can grow your audience in the short run. But who will make up that audience?  If you’re not taking prospective clients’ needs into account and making an effort to provide the quality content they want, any audience you do attract probably won’t include the high-quality leads your firm needs to thrive and succeed.

Quality Content is Less Likely to Be Flagged as Spam

All social media platforms have their own algorithms that determine what users want to see on their feeds. While these algorithms are designed to create a unique experience for each individual user, they can also be harmful to law firms that do not produce quality content. Algorithms will filter out any content that users might find irrelevant or of low quality, and flag posts that they deem as spam. Your content or profiles may be flagged if you are posting too frequently, sharing low-quality content with spelling or grammatical errors, or including too many hashtags or links.

Tips for Balancing Quantity and Quality on Social Media

If you’re struggling to maintain the perfect balance between quantity and quality on your law firm’s social media pages, keeping these tips in mind will help you set things right:

1. Start with a Plan

Determine your target audience and think about their needs. What types of information can your firm provide that they’ll find helpful and useful? Develop a strategy around these needs and maintain a content calendar to ensure regular, consistent posting.

2. Follow the 80-20 Rule

Promotional content and firm news have their place on social media, but as a law firm, the bulk of your content should be client-centric. Try adhering to an 80-20 rule, with around 80% of your content focused on meeting your clients’ needs and 20% reserved for promotional content and firm news.

3. Converse with Your Audience

By focusing on quality, thought-provoking content, you’ll inspire your audience to comment and engage with your posts. And don’t forget to keep the conversation going by occasionally responding with a question or comment of your own.

4. Focus on Sharable Content

Interactive, informative, and client-centered content is more likely to attract the shares, likes, and retweets you’re looking for. Consider posting occasional behind-the-scenes videos highlighting your firm and its culture, infographics that showcase your practice areas and service offerings, and even a client poll.

5. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

You don’t have to leverage every social media platform that’s out there. To determine which ones your potential clients are most likely to favor, perform an analysis to see where competitors are directing their marketing efforts. According to the Bar Association survey, the most popular social media platforms for law firms include LinkedIn (89%), Facebook (62%), Twitter (38%), and Instagram (17%).

For more information on how to leverage each platform uniquely, check out this eBook: Advanced Social Media Strategies for Law Firms.


Social media is a powerful marketing tool for law firms. But your content needs to be directed to the right audience – potential clients – and their needs. Avoid content bombing and post only when you have something worth sharing.  Most importantly, develop a plan for reliable and consistent posting. Once you build an audience, they’ll come to rely on you for new and valuable information – don’t let them down.

It’s not always easy to come up with quality, relevant content, especially for busy lawyers and legal marketers. If you’d like assistance developing an effective social media strategy that will help your law firm further its business development goals, contact our team for a consultation.

This post has been edited and republished from May 24, 2022.


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